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Advice needed on Dr Brown teats and Aptamil Comfort

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crispaddict76 Tue 30-Jan-18 11:46:27


I have a 5 week 4 day old boy and I switched him to Aptamil Comfort last week. I started him off on L2 teats as had been using L1 on normal. Anyway he took ages to finish a bottle on L2 and was getting so impatient as the teats were blocking or it wasn’t coming out fast enough. Only problem is the L3 might be slightly too fast. I’ve been using them since Friday and not really had any problems. Sometimes it’s dribbling out a bit but it isn’t drowning him.

I’m just worried as it doesn’t take long for him to drain a lot of the milk. Say about 15-20 minutes max for a feed. I’m worrying this is too quick for his age. He has not complained until one of his night feeds this morning where he may have been over hungry and drank really quickly and I also struggled to wind him. Since then he has not really settled and been a bit uncomfortable. I might just be being paranoid and over anxious as usual!!

Does anyone else use Aptamil Comfort and what size teat do you use with Dr Brown? Any advice would be appreciated and whether I should go down to L2 and Just persevere even though he gets bored and not enough milk down when feeding with them?

Thanks smile xxx

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