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Combine feeding, can I change my mind and get my milk supply back?

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AssassinatedBeauty Mon 29-Jan-18 16:35:37

Your milk isn't lacking. How often does he feed? Could you try feeding more frequently and see if that helps with weight gain?

littleleeleanne Fri 26-Jan-18 16:51:53

My LO is coming up for 5 months so I'm now in the right frame of mind to lose my baby weight, the only problem being that if I stop eating cake, chocolate, sweets etc and lose weight so does my LO. I lost weight one week and he lost 4oz. In my mind eating more fruit and vegetables would be better for him!
He was born at 5lb 2oz, went down to 4lb 11oz but was weighed today at 10lb 10oz. Nobody from a professional point of view seems bothered that his gains are slow but I am 😢 (only 2oz in a week)
Am I right in saying that formula feeding could potentially give him more calories that I'm obviously lacking, I'm thinking of 'topping him up' with formula and also breast feeding, so combine feed him?
I have massive guilt about formula feeding as he won't even take a bottle at the moment with my milk 😢 what happens if his weight gain stays slow, and it's nothing to do with my milk and me trying to lose weight? Will I be able to stop formula feeding and pick back up my milk supply to go back to exclusively breast feeding?
Any help would be appreciated!!
Thanks x

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