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Reflux ?

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Hedgehog80 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:19:12

Not vomiting (well only a teeny bit) but onviously bringing milk up then being in pain/choking and trying to swallow it back down this silent reflux?
My ds2 has the throwing up loads type of reflux but ds3 is doing the above....
He also has hiccups all the time

Is there anything he would be able to have-he’s breastfed so I don’t think he can as gaviscon etc goes into the milk? I might take him to the gp but not sure what they could actually give as he doesn’t take a bottle?
I keep him upright for a while after feeding but it still keeps happening..justbworroed avout him choking as he keeps doing it

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Hedgehog80 Tue 23-Jan-18 22:44:25

Been looking at carobel-not sure though can it go in a bottle of expressed breast milk?
Have a midwife appt Thursday so will ask then too

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