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Strapless Bras

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rosiehull4 Sun 21-Jan-18 17:33:57

I'm not sure if this is the right section to be asking this question, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience of wearing a strapless bra whilst breastfeeding?

I am getting married in March (eek!) and will still be BF my 6 month old DD. I plan to give her expressed milk during the day. With my dress I can only really wear a strapless bra. Will this be supportive enough? I'm aware that I may have to express at some point during the day to alleviate possible engorgement.

Any advice welcomed smile

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seven201 Sun 21-Jan-18 17:37:43

You could get one of those bandeau style soft ones and just pull it down, but that wouldn't offer much actual support if you have big boobs. If you've got to take your dress off then it's probably worth just getting a nice normal bra and taking that off too? Or is your dress breastfeeding friendly?

sleepycat13 Mon 22-Jan-18 18:06:30

I wore a wonderbra strapless bra whilst breastfeeding. it was a nightmare to feed in as it didn't bend so meant removing it each time to feed but it did provide plenty of support and was comfortable (size 32ff) so if you are mostly feeding by expressing on the day and want support I would recommend one of these

123namechanged Mon 22-Jan-18 19:01:20

I fed DD at 9 weeks in a strapless bra, in a bridesmaid dress.

Then I fed her a few days after her 2nd birthday when I got married.. in a strapless bra and wedding dress!

rosiehull4 Tue 23-Jan-18 08:19:08

Thanks, will have to check out the wonderbra as a bandeau style might not be supportive enough for 32DDs!

The dress I have is lacy at the top and fastens up at the back so not really easy access for breastfeeding unless i take the whole thing down to my waist ha, didn't think that through when choosing.

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