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3 mo is so distracted hes not nursing properly during the day - any suggestions

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Jellybabie3 Tue 16-Jan-18 11:37:33

So my DS is 14 weeks. He is so inquisitive now he wants to look about while feeding so its 2 mins on, cries abit til I sit him up to show him hes not missing anything - back on for 2 goes on. I cant eat or put tv on etc as he hears the noise and wants to see whats going on. Although I appreciate hes going through a growth spurt, hes now waking all through the night (every 90min) for long feeds. He never did this before and I think its not helped hes not taking much in the day now.
I'm concerned this will turn into a bad habit.
Any suggestions how I can get him back to feeding longer in the day?

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ChocolatePodge Tue 16-Jan-18 18:59:09

We're in exactly the same boat here at 16 weeks, unsettled and grumpy all day because he won't eat or sleep properly and awake all night so he can catch up on food while he's calm and unstimulated confused

The only time he seems happy is first thing in the morning, it all goes downhill from them!

I'm hoping it's all too do with leap 4 and shouldn't last forever but it's so wearing! Bless him he also is getting over a cold and I'm sure that doesn't help. I want my happy baby back!

So no advice but you're not alone!

Tipmeupandpourmeout Tue 16-Jan-18 19:07:46

Boring bedroom with no tv or music and the curtains drawn to feed is the only way I persuade my 8 month old to feed in the day!

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