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Formula and night feeding at 11 months

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Candyfloss1122 Tue 02-Jan-18 09:17:25

Posting as I'm hoping some lovely mum's will make me feel less like I am failing....

Could anyone tell me if their 11+ month old is a) still having regular bottles e.g. more milk than food and b) if they are still having a bottle or two in the night.

DD is my first and I see so many people have already begun the process of dropping milk all together...feel like I'm doing something wrong.

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Justanothernap Tue 02-Jan-18 09:23:07

Ours has loads of the stuff & is thriving. I think when they're still under one it's fine to have an uneven balance between milk & food. Sometimes teething etc. throws them & they prefer the comfort of milk. You clearly know the balance needs to be tilted more towards food, and you can get there bit by bit.

RedBlackberries Tue 02-Jan-18 09:31:41

What the advice is and what works for you as a family can be totally different and if you and your baby are happy with what you're doing now I wouldn't worry too much about what other people are doing.
You're not a failure and your baby still takes lots from milk. Remember you can switch to regular milk (if there's no allergy) by 12 months. You don't need follow on milk but if baby's really not taking much food talk to your gp or health visitor.

At 11 months my dd was still Bf and I was introducing bottles of regular milk too. She was drinking loads of the stuff Day and and night but was eating quite a bit too.
Good luck x

FartnissEverbeans Tue 02-Jan-18 21:29:12

At 11 months DS was theoretically down to two bottles per day, but even now (at 14mo) he occasionally wakes for a night feed. It's usually when he hasn't eaten as much as usual that day, or when he's having a growth spurt.

I wouldn't worry too much but maybe try to increase calorie intake during the day. I give DS lots of avocados, dairy products etc. to stave off night feeding.

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