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First night, feeding all night

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DappledThings Sun 24-Dec-17 08:04:04

DD was born yesterday morning. She had a good feed in first hour and a couple more. Was sleeping happily in hospital cot and woke her for a 7.30pm one so not to go over 3 hours. Went happily back to sleep in cot after.

Woke 9.45ish for next one and hasn't stopped since. She has been suckling all night except for a couple of really short naps.

Have two friends with similar stories and both had tongue tie to deal with. Anyone else had similar, TT or not?

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DappledThings Sun 24-Dec-17 08:05:02

DS had to be woken up to feed enough for 2 days and nights so a totally different experience

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 24-Dec-17 08:09:03

It could be totally normal. At least you are aware that tongue tie exists though, so your doing better than I did. If you are still in hospital I’d ask the MW if one of them specialises in diagnosing tongue tie.

Congratulations on your new LO thanks

LRL2017 Sun 24-Dec-17 08:18:33

My little girl never slept her first night. She just fed all night on and off and just napped a little in between. She settled a lot better when we got home as hospital was very noisy.

cakeymccakington Sun 24-Dec-17 08:20:32

Totally normal! 3 out of 4 of mine had tongue tie.
All bar one of them did the constant feeding thing (the one that didn't was one with TT)

Is feeding painful? Do you feel baby is latching Well?

My tt babies all struggled to latch from birth and feeding was excruciating

noodleaddict Sun 24-Dec-17 08:25:04

Sounds normal. My first basically fed non stop at the beginning, especially at night. She's just getting your supply going. If she's latching on ok and seems to be getting colostrum I wouldn't worry too much. Just have a chat with the midwives if you're concerned though. Congrats on your little one smile

PragmaticWench Sun 24-Dec-17 08:29:27

DD fed for over twelve hours the first night, just swapping sides occasionally. I'm convinced it helped to establish a really good milk supply. Was exhausting though!

Both of mine had tongue tie but I have no idea if it's linked to long feeds, in fact DD was a very fast feeder and after that first night she settled into ten minute feeds max.

KrisCringleWinterWonderland Sun 24-Dec-17 08:31:16

I would definitely ask for an assessment if you are concerned, but a newborn suckling/feeding all night is absolutely normal behaviour.

KrisCringleWinterWonderland Sun 24-Dec-17 08:31:41

Congratulations on your Christmas baby, btw!

DappledThings Sun 24-Dec-17 09:23:34

Thanks all. She has been checked now in the hospital and they said she's fine. Had a good chat with the midwife and she was very reassuring.

Just so different to DS but his first night he was getting heal prick tests for glucose every 3 hours and it took over 24 hours for him to learn to latch. So this was a bit of a surprise but very good to hear all your stories.

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Silverthorn Sun 24-Dec-17 13:10:48

Ds1 was similar. Would want to feed constantly. Ds2 fell slept for 8hrs after birth and first feed. Could not keep him awake to latch him. I figured he had plenty of sustenance from the womb and had a very easy birth so was not too worried. I eventually woke him and he had a good feed. I gave ds2 a dummy quite early on because both mine just liked to comfort suck. Ds2 was a much more efficient feeder. 10mins every 3hrs. Ds1 would want a feed every 45mins for comfort. He rejected the dummy at 10months old. It was harder for me to ditch it than him.

Oly5 Sun 24-Dec-17 13:12:01

Constantly feeding newborn here too! All normal

BertieBotts Sun 24-Dec-17 20:01:50

It's OK - you'll only be producing tiny trickles of colostrum at the moment so she's trying to make your milk come in proper! It should settle down in a couple of days.

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