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To top up?

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DueDec17 Thu 21-Dec-17 12:02:39

Any advice gratefully received! My baby was born 11 days ago - she was weighed day 5 - and had lost 7.5% of her birth weight. I had her weighed on day 8 as I was concerned about lack of poo and she'd lost 30g, so was advised to top up. I gave her two X 30ml top ups on two days, and she was weighed again yesterday and was static. Meanwhile, I was started on domperidone 4 days ago which seemed to kick in yesterday when she started feeding much more strongly and my breasts actually felt full - she also refused the second formula top up so only had 30ml. She was weighed again today and had put on 10g, I asked the HV if I should continue topping up and she just shrugged and said if I wanted to. I know 10g is not a great weight increase but seems to be going in the right direction? She has had lots of wet nappies and one poo a day yesterday and the day before. I suppose I'm just looking for any advice on topping up and hope we are going in the right direction to EBF?

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DueDec17 Thu 21-Dec-17 14:36:37

Hopeful bump

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Tinselistacky Thu 21-Dec-17 14:39:32

Imo /e no need to top up unless advised by a medic. Your milk will increase the more you offer the breast.

KrisCringleWinterWonderland Thu 21-Dec-17 14:40:10

Can you express to top up?

Chickchickadee555 Thu 21-Dec-17 14:42:20

So the 10g gain is from day 8 to day 11? This is quite concerning, but formula top ups aren't necessarily the answer.
It would be great if you could give a few more details.
What colour is the poo?
Did the midwife suggest expressing and using this milk to top up with instead? This would protect and boost your supply while baby needs the extra milk.
Is baby sleeping a lot?
How often are you feeding? You should be aiming for 10-12 feeds a day, using both breasts.
Have you been offered any breastfeeding support, has anyone checked the latch for you to make sure milk is being transferred well?

user1493413286 Thu 21-Dec-17 14:42:32

That’s not very helpful from the health visitor; I probably wouldn’t top up unless they expressly said so as that way you’re supply will start meeting baby’s demand

BergamotMouse Thu 21-Dec-17 14:45:56

If you want to ebf I'd say try to avoid the top ups. If she refused it you're probably ok without. It's supply and demand - the more you top up the less you'll produce.

Lots of skin to skin and feed on demand - don't think that if she wants to feed constantly that it's because you're not producing enough milk - that's just newborns for you.

The first couple of weeks are the toughest - but once you're through that it's (mostly) very easy and convenient. I'm still breastfeeding my 17 month old and so glad I kept going.

Marcine Thu 21-Dec-17 14:53:38

Are you feeding 10-12 times a day, and offering both breasts each time? Doing breast compressions?

I would maximise breastfeeding as much as possible and have a weighed again in a few days.

Also have a look at a Haakaa or Naturebond breast pump - its not really a pump as such, you attach it to one breast while you feed from the other, I usually get 30-60ml each time with no effort. You could then use that for top ups if you want.

DueDec17 Thu 21-Dec-17 15:14:03

Thanks everyone. Sorry if I wasn't clear - her weight was static from day 7-10, and then from yesterday to today she put on 10g.

We have been having a lot more than 10 feeds a day but they were very unsatisfactory feeds - she never seemed full - from yesterday afternoon she actually seems to drink and seems satisfied and sleeps between them - maybe 90 mins - 2hrs in the day and 2-3 hours at night.

I have tried pumping but can't get any out really even when the milk is there- I'll have a look for one of those suction pumps.

Her poos are yellowy green. She was jaundiced but not anymore.

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DueDec17 Thu 21-Dec-17 15:15:14

Had latch checked - it's been deemed ok - she does have a small mouth and I have large breasts so it does slip a bit whilst she's feeding but I can't seem to stop that...

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KrisCringleWinterWonderland Thu 21-Dec-17 15:19:56

Are you sore? Latch being ok doesn't necessarily rule out tongue tie. My DS had a good latch from outside observation, but his weight gain was too slow and he had green frothy poos; he has posterior tongue tie and was struggling to draw down the fatty globules in my milk. Breast compressions helped but he still needed a revision. Made a huge difference.

Marcine Thu 21-Dec-17 15:40:35

I have never been able to get anything with a normal pump but just 'catching' milk during a feed seems to work.

My 3 month old has a tongue tie and her latch slips a lot - just make use you take her off and correct every time otherwise you risk damaging your nipples.

tmc14 Thu 21-Dec-17 17:36:00

My DS is 3 weeks old and he suffered a 13% weight by day 5. My milk was slow coming in, he had a tongue tie (now clipped) and I had to use top ups. I’m now trying to switch to ebf, which is slow going as I’m struggling to increase my supply enough.
I don’t really have advice but I would say I’ve found my local breast feeding clinic, with qualified Lactation consultants, to be invaluable. Seek out as much help from feeding experts as possible. I’ve been 4 times in 3 weeks and it has helped so much. They have helped me with latch, positions, timings, expressing and just given so much support.
Things we are doing: switching breasts often, expressing after a feed to use as the top up as well as formula, spending as much time on the boob as possible.
Good luck, I hope things work out as you’d like.

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