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Help! Mastitis and puss!!!!

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charlie13032017 Wed 20-Dec-17 15:08:38

I’ve been diagnosed with mastitis yesterday, so I’m on antibiotics but today, I’ve been able to squirt out like yellow/green puss like liquid.
Is this normal?
And how do I get rid of it fast! Too much pain!!

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MrsBartlettforthewin Wed 20-Dec-17 15:19:26

Feeding/ expressing will clear it quicker. Had this with all three of mine it is horrible, so much pain thought my boobs where on fire. Get in a warm bath and express out as much as you can working the lumps towards your nipples with your spare hand. Feeding will be agony but you need to clear, take pain killers a bit before feeding to help with the pain. Oh and cold cabbage leaves in your bra that have been bashed up a bit will also help (smells gross but really helps)

charlie13032017 Wed 20-Dec-17 15:22:09

It’s horroble isn’t it!
Yeah I’ve had hot baths, tried massaging, feeding in different angles. I can’t pump because I only have a rubbish hand pump and it kills, even without mastitis.
Doesn’t help with him being 9 months so he doesn’t feed as much!
I just didn’t know whether the puss was normal x

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MrsBartlettforthewin Wed 20-Dec-17 15:25:48

Honestly not sure about the puss, sorry. Could you express by hand instead of a pump? thanks for you op,

charlie13032017 Wed 20-Dec-17 15:27:42

Yeah I’ve been hand expressing but it stills kills.
I’m sure it’s worse than my labour!

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bettyboo40 Wed 20-Dec-17 15:29:23

My mastitis turned into a breast abscess which had to be drained in a &e and I was given antibiotics too. I would suggest you go and see a doctor. It was honestly so painful!

charlie13032017 Wed 20-Dec-17 15:31:32

Was you still able to feed after the abscess being drained. I’m really scared of hospitals to...

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bettyboo40 Wed 20-Dec-17 15:32:57

Sorry just read you saw a doctor yesterday. Go back if you feel it's getting worse. I did give up breastfeeding after that unfortunately

charlie13032017 Wed 20-Dec-17 15:34:14

Oh really? How old was your little one? I dont know how me or him would cope.

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bettyboo40 Wed 20-Dec-17 17:20:03

This was when my dd was just a few weeks old. I was struggling a lot with breast feeding anyway, so if you are having more success you should be able to carry on

charlie13032017 Wed 20-Dec-17 19:35:41

Oh really? Sorry mama!
My little boy’s 9 months, only really proper hiccup we’ve had aswell! Probably why we’re both so attached to feeding!

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