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Feeding from one side only

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HP07 Sat 16-Dec-17 21:41:49

My 14 month old has always favoured the left breast but in the last week he has dropped feeding from the right completely. He only feeds twice a day now anyway but if I squeeze the right side there is still milk there immediately, so my question is, will this cause an issue? Will the breast dry up even though I’m feeding from the other side still or will I end up with blocked ducts/mastitis etc from doing this? Thanks

FastandLoose Sat 16-Dec-17 21:50:10

I fed from one side only from a month or so as my youngest refused one side and I couldn’t be bothered. Still going at approaching three and not had any problems. Assume the other side dried up pretty quickly, but I couldn’t ever really hand express anyway. Didn’t have any engorgement or anything.

WillowWept Sat 16-Dec-17 21:53:12

I fed from one side only for over a year as DD just stopped feeding on the left.

Apart from looking slightly “unbalanced” initially there were no issues.

Sandsnake Sat 16-Dec-17 21:55:50

I've been feeding with just my left breast since DS was eight months and we're still feeding now at two (although just twice a day). It's never caused me a problem.

HP07 Sat 16-Dec-17 22:02:37

Thank you very much. I thought it would probably be ok as my supply is quite low now he only feeds twice a day and it’s not become engorged in the past week but was surprised to still see milk there.

feministrat Sat 16-Dec-17 22:22:22

I was a one-sided feeder too. DD1 preferred the right but would reluctantly take both. DD2 pretty much refused the left altogether. At about 4 months old I stopped fighting and resigned myself to one-sided feeding.

A year on after stopping feeding (at 15 months), my boobs are equal sizes again. If I squeeze my nipples hard, even a year later, I can still get a drop of two of milk.

AnUtterIdiot Sun 17-Dec-17 08:35:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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