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Baby won't feed when out

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KatnissK Tue 12-Dec-17 07:42:18

DS is 6 months old and ebf (well, just starting to wean but only turned 6 months on Sunday). I used to be able to feed him anywhere and everywhere but just recently he's been a nightmare - refuses to latch, cries etc. then gets increasingly distressed as he is hungry so we have to go home. He won't take a bottle and hasn't quite got the hang of a cup so neither of these are options. I try to feed him in quiet areas/ parent rooms if available / a different room if at a friend's house but to no avail. Now, yesterday and today, he won't even feed downstairs in our home! The only place he will latch on is the bedroom. I don't really understand why?! I'm hoping this is just a phase. We both have colds at the moment so not sure if that is having an effect on feeding. I'm concerned as we have a few festive day activities lined up and we are meant to be staying at in laws over Christmas but at the moment I can't be out of the house for longer than 3 hours or he has a meltdown. Any advice / thoughts / similar experiences? TIA.

Spam88 Tue 12-Dec-17 11:08:37

Is he just distracted? Could you try covering his face with a muslin?

KatnissK Tue 12-Dec-17 11:14:08

I'm guessing he's either distracted or bothered by his cold. I try covering him with a muslin but he just pulls it off again. Thanks for the suggestion though.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 13-Dec-17 08:43:28

Has his cold got any better yet Kat? Have you tried giving him a dose of ibruprofen if he’s feeling yucky?

KatnissK Thu 14-Dec-17 07:21:54

Hello, yes he does still have a cold - it is slowly getting better! I do give him Calpol if he seems upset and also I've been putting saline drops up his nose. I managed to feed him at a friend's house yesterday in a spare room so that was progress of sorts. He only seems to want to feed in the side lying position currently, even at home, so that's what I'm doing for now. It's all very odd.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 14-Dec-17 15:27:12

I wonder if he’s got a headache or his teeth are bothering him?

KatnissK Thu 14-Dec-17 15:30:25

Yes perhaps he does. I took him to the GP to rule out ear / throat infections and he was fine other than his cold. It could well be his teeth though.

happychange Thu 14-Dec-17 15:46:29

My DS is the same.. he refuses to feed when we are out, he gets too distracted

He’s 10 months old and this started around the same age, 6 months or so . He’s also EBF and doesn’t take bottles. He’s not great on solids either

Unfortunately it just got worse so I can now only feed him in a dark and quiet room .. he can go up to 5-6 hours without a feed so that’s not as restrictive

No advice just to say I feel your pain

KatnissK Thu 14-Dec-17 17:12:19

Oh so maybe this is just it then! Interesting to hear happy. It is such a pain! Hopefully he will start going 4 hours too so it will be less of an issue

happychange Thu 14-Dec-17 18:29:13

Yeah unfortunately for us it wasn’t a phase, in fact it’s worse now

I find that when we go somewhere new to stay, eg in laws, it helps to get him used to the room that I will be feeding him in first. Then turn off lights and all distractions and wait till he’s tired, then feed.

On the plus side, I can now wear non breastfeeding clothes when out and about as he doesn’t feed in public anyway!

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