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Engorged with combination feeding

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Percephone Mon 11-Dec-17 05:25:46

I've been trying to feed my newborn with nipple shields or expressing and topping up with formula. Now my milk has come in and I'm painfully engorged - I think because she's not getting much when latched on even with nipple shields.

I want to continue expressing a couple of times a day and giving formula the rest of the time. I've accepted she's not going to latch on successfully. If I express for her just twice a day will I stay permanently engorged or will things eventually settle so I'm just producing enough to meet demand? If so, how long before it settles?

Thanks smile

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Dragonfree Mon 11-Dec-17 20:28:46

You should settle within 4 days or so, though I'd recommend pumping more frequently than you need as you can freeze the extra to allow you to go out (I recommend Boots storage bags).

I'd also recommend considering donating milk if you've got a good supply. The hospital will be really grateful, it will help keep you motivated to express (at least it did for me) and it will ensure your supply keeps up.

I woke at 2 am for the first 3 months or so to ensure my supply was maintained. That wasn't much fun....

noodlesandtomatoes Mon 11-Dec-17 20:33:50

It'll settle, but you need to drain them if you can have problems.

Wet, warm flannels on your boobs will help. As will dragging the back of your fingers from the top of your boobs towards your nipples. I used to stand above the basin as it shot out, but you could save it.

ashaj92 Thu 14-Dec-17 18:36:09

Don’t have much advice re expressing etc but I used cold Savoy cabbage leaves on my boobs when my milk came in - absolute bliss from major engorgement!! I’d use breast pads too though as I leaked loads as the leaves reduced the pressure.

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