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Almost 6 month old having too much EBM

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user1464892847 Sat 02-Dec-17 21:16:44

I'm hoping someone can just advise me if I'm giving my DS (who's almost 6 months) too much milk?
I express for him because a) I went back to work when he was 12 weeks and b) he was a preemie and never got the hang of BF.
Anyway I'm still happy to express and have a great supply. Over supply almost!!! My question is he drinks upto 6/7 9onz bottles a day!!! We're not weaning yet as I was waiting till 6 months as per guidelines but he just needs so much milk and is a huge 26lbs! (Daddy's 6"7 so it doesn't surprise me) but does anyone think that's too much?

minipie Sat 02-Dec-17 21:21:12

No! If he was prem and quite likely to be tall he may be on catch up. My DDs were both early and had LOADS of milk at this age (and jumped centiles). It evened out later.
Just be sure you're being led by what he wants, not feeding him more than he wants because it's there, iyswim

tiktok Sat 02-Dec-17 23:21:14

It's a wonderful thing to express for a baby who doesn't manage to BF direct, user, especially after the difficult start of being preterm.

One of the drawbacks of BF like this is that it's harder to be baby led - so in answer to your question, no one here can know if he is having too much or not. You need to look at his weight chart , see his rate of weight gain, and perhaps have his length measured and talk about it with a knowledgable hcp who can see him.

He's certainly a big boy smile and this might be perfectly physiological for him. He may well revert to the less heavy end of the spectrum when he starts solids, and when he starts moving. But it does sound like you need to talk about things at least, because he is so unusually big. It's unlikely you'll be advised to deliberately cut down on his breastmilk at this stage, though. More likely you can have a discussion about feeding and satiety cues.

Hope this helps.

user1464892847 Sun 03-Dec-17 01:25:37

Thank you ladies. I think my main concern in the beginning was being early he needed the BM and I kind of force fed him almost as he was so tiny and when there prem you worry about being early and the start they have ect. And as he got bigger he just grew a grew and became so hungery I just kept upping what I gave him. Plus my supply is so abundant I just tended to give him everything I could pump as I thought if I had been BF directly from the source as it were he would have drank it. I guess if I had a better relationship with the HV (kind of a rude woman) I may of sought advice but I kind of of did the mum thing and winged it. Now he's so big I don't have the same worries about him being a prem but I will maybe going to my BF support group and seek advice. :-)

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