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Nutramigen Puramino - thicker than Nutramigen 1?

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Sugarbug17 Wed 29-Nov-17 08:16:18


Our LO is currently on Nutramigen 1 for a suspected CMPA... her symptoms have improved by 50% but the main issue with the formula is that it is so watery that when she feeds it gulps and hits the back of the throat meaning she takes on air and cries during the feed and then after from trapped wind

We've tried every bottle/teat under the sun and have a slow flow MAM one.

I want to ask the dr to swap her to Puramino to see if her CMPA symptoms further improve... but is this as watery as the 1? Not sure what to do to stop it being so watery.

Many Thanks

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sat 02-Dec-17 04:47:10

Not sure on that one but didn’t want you to go unanswered. Have you tried a thickener? TBH I’m not sure they are even suitable for CMPA sufferers.

Have you tried posting in the Allergies section too? You may get a few more replies 🙂

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