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Feeding/Health Advice for 6.5 week baby

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Marshmallow1210 Mon 27-Nov-17 04:14:53

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here but I’m a regular reader! It’s 4am and looking for some advice as I’m worried about my little boy. He’s 6.5 weeks old, FF and is drinking 5oz every three hours (day and night). However, he has a range of symptoms that have been gradually getting worse since he was born. The HV has said it’s just him “getting used to his digestive system” but me and my DH just don’t agree anymore as he has got progressively worse.

The symptoms are as follows:

Red faced and squirming
Hands scratching face
Squealing/Groaning as if in pain
Hiccups two or three times a day
Legs raised to chest and then kicking out
Stomach seems sore to touch when we rub it
Arching back and crying during burping
Choking on milk occasionally
Sticking tongue out all the time
Crying/fussy in between feeds (not constantly)
Heavy breathing when trying to get to sleep
Occasional projectile vomiting

We were using Aldi Mamia formula but switched to Cow & Gate about a week ago as along with symptoms above DS was spitting up all the time and his poo was sometimes hard/very thick mousse and bright yellow. Since switching he doesn’t spit up much at all and his poo is a lot softer and yellowy/browny/greeny so I’m happy the switch is doing some good but the other symptoms remain.

I am going to make a GP appointment but just wondered if anyone had any advice/experience of similar!

Thanks 😊

AnaKristina Fri 01-Dec-17 19:40:20

Sounds like reflux. GP will shed more light. Sometimes symptoms similar to reflux can come from milk intolerance...Doing the right thing to take him to see your GP. If they say all is fine and symptoms persist you may need to return. Some GPs are not skilled in diagnosing babies and dismiss mums concerns. Speak to HV as well

mummabubs Sat 02-Dec-17 16:48:59

Can't add much advice but just to say yellow poo is good! They should be mustard colour at this stage and I've been told green isn't as good (I know this is the case when breastfeeding as it implies baby has only got foremilk and not the richer hindmilk) so I've always been told yellow is what it should be. My DS is 6 weeks old and a mixture of breastfed via expressed milk and about 1 formula feed a day, we notice pretty much all of the behaviours you've noticed in your baby. We found burping him every 1-2 fl Oz during a feed to stop him from vomiting and putting him at an angle on our legs helps him to pass wind and relief himself.

mummabubs Sat 02-Dec-17 16:51:33

Also thinking about it the formula we use for DS says that at his age he should only be having 4oz a maximum of 5 times a day... could this be having an impact? (Confess that I don't know much about formula feeding except that unlike with breastfeeding it is possible to overfeed when on formula?)

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