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Ranitidine for reflux - baby being sick more, could it be this?

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Jellybabie3 Sat 25-Nov-17 04:44:50

So my DS has been prescribed ratinidine for reflux. He also has gripe water to help with wind. Hes been taking ratinidine since Tuesday night and he has seemed OK but in the last 24 hours hes been sick alot. Clear breast milk (i am ebf) so not the curdy milk indicating its from his stomach. Could it be the ratinidine? Or something else.

I'd say almost every feed hes been sick quite abit, almost projectile. Otherwise hes content. He still wants to feed after. Doesnt appear in any pain.

SouthernSons Sat 25-Nov-17 04:49:20

Ranitidine didn't stop my kids vomiting/refluxing, but it did take away the pain. In your shoes, I'd speak to the doctor who prescribed it because they will want to know how it is working for your baby.

Good luck, reflux is the pits. flowers

SouthernSons Sat 25-Nov-17 04:50:48

Oh, and have they ruled out pyloric stenosis? Projectile vomiting and being male were reasons DS was checked for this.

honeysucklejasmine Sat 25-Nov-17 04:52:20

What pp said. Ranitidine reduces the production of stomach acid thus reducing pain (much like omaprezole in adults) rather than forming any kind of anti sickness barrier. I suppose gaviscon has more of a barrier effect but it's a real pain to give a bf baby as it has to be dissolved in breast milk and spoon fed during feeds.

My DC is on ranitidine too. I feel your pain regarding the constant vomit.

Jellybabie3 Sat 25-Nov-17 05:08:43

Ok thanks. No nothing else has been explored. What concerned me is it seems worse than it was before. Certainly in last 24 hours. Im due to go back after 1 month as agreed with gp to check progress but if it continues like this I will go sooner.

SouthernSons Sat 25-Nov-17 19:19:20

Keep an eye on the wet nappies - if they seem less full or you are changing less often, head to the GP asap.

I had oversupply and a fast letdown, so my kids often chucked up what seemed like huge volumes of milk right after a feed, just because they couldn't keep up in the early days. Ranitidine made them more like happy checkers, but they still needed to be upright most of the time - exhausting +++

flowers cake brew for you

FartnissEverbeans Sun 26-Nov-17 16:55:32

Ranitidine didn't stop my baby vomiting completely but it did make it miles better. If we missed a dose he would spew constantly.

As I understand it, it reduces the production of stomach fluids so there's less to puke up?

Regardless, it's probably fine as long as he's comfortable. DS was a pike machine until he was seven months old but he's fine!

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