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Night weaning.... tell me your stories!

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MoreSleepPlease6 Tue 14-Nov-17 14:47:32

Posting here as well as in sleep as it relates to both!

DS is 8mo eating well and breastfeeding a lot during the day. I'm going back to work after Christmas and want to get the nights cracked sooner rather than later. Currently he wakes between 2-4 times for a feed.
Planning to do it in a few weekends time once his cold has properly cleared. DH will stay in his room with him fri, sat and then I will do Sunday onwards... how long is it likely to take?
Planning on either cuddling back to sleep (although not sure this will work as he gets pretty irate if he can't feed when he wants) or some sort of pick up put down - don't want to get into the habit of rocking or bouncing back to sleep.

Tell me your stories!!! Is it going to be hell?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Tue 14-Nov-17 20:23:53

I never did night Weaning, god knows why though, but I’ve heard good things about the Dr Jay Gordon ,method. Have you had a look at that? 🙂

MoreSleepPlease6 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:21:13

No I haven't - I will have a look! smile

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Wed 15-Nov-17 23:10:39

I’m jumping onto this thread so apologise! Everyone, do you mind if I ask how long you continued feeding? I suspect my baby might be a candidate for night weaning but I’m not sure I want to go through with it! She isn’t a brilliant eater so I don’t feel she is ready yet. Also, she seems to be really suffering with teething and has a cold so now isn’t a good time anyway. Teething goes on forever, though, if my DC1 experience is anything to go by!

MoreSleepPlease6 Thu 16-Nov-17 13:37:44

Bump ... anyone else?

We are now starting tonight shock last night was the end of my tether

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Thu 16-Nov-17 18:59:28

Good luck, MoreSleep.
I’m undecided but leaning towards just letting it be. DD only wakes hourly when she is not well, which is fair enough but hard on me as she wants comfort feeds. However, I am ever hopeful she will drop one of the night feeds eventually!

6monthsandcounting Sun 26-Nov-17 07:15:59

Hey @MoreSleepPlease6,
How did it go? I've got a wakey 6.5 month old and we've tried a bit of cuddling back to sleep. Some nights it works, others it hasn't. Curious as to your experience!
Hope you've had some sleep

lorisparkle Sun 26-Nov-17 07:57:29

We used a method in the book ‘teach your child to skeep’ Ds1 was feeding every 1-2 hours and I was at my wits end. We worked on going to sleep without a bf at the beginning of the night using the gradual retreat method and during the night I gradually extended the time between feeds by 15 minutes every 3 days. It was slow with a bit of crying but nothing too upsetting and worked brilliantly in the end.

CrossFreelancer Sun 26-Nov-17 07:58:48

Hi OP. This is what we did. I appreciate you might think I am a bit harsh but it worked so incredibly well. I wish I listened to my in laws and did it sooner...

I EBF until 6 months. I started giving DS one bottle before bedtime (7pm). I did this as I knew he had a good amount of milk with the hope he would sleep longer. He continued to BF 2-3 times through the night. So I decided to bring in an additional bottle at the 1am feed.

Since introducing the 2 night bottles that's all he had. He began only waking once per night.

He hit 8 months and began waking up 3-5 times a night again shock. But because I knew he had a good 7 Oz at 1am I knew he wasn't hungry.

If he woke up a second time I would give him 3oz milk diluted into 7oz water. I further diluted it each time until it was just water I offered him. Then I cut out the 1am bottle and only offered water full stop.

By this point my breastmilk supply had disappeared due to not night feeding sad so be really careful- I'm not sure what to suggest. But for us stopping Breastfeeding was a good point and it felt a natural end.

The bottled milk definitely helped a huge amount. But he still wasn't sleeping through.

The contraversial bit:

When he was 10 months, i began working again and physically couldn't handle getting up in the night 4+ times. So one night i left him to cry it out. It was incredibly difficult, my DH supported me. At 2am I lay listening to his little cry it was heartbreaking. After 30 mins he had settled and fallen asleep again.

At 4am I heard a whimper, but no crying and he fell back asleep until 7.

He has slept through ever since (apart from when he was ill. In which case I was of course more than happy to give him water, a little milk and a cuddle to help him sleep).

I wish you luck. But being a little tough helped us so much. My boy is 1 now and a very secure, independent and loving baby. Hopefully this continues :-)

6monthsandcounting Wed 29-Nov-17 22:19:39

@lorisparkle that's really interest- my dp and I have that book and are trying to both read It to agree a plan, as my boy is super inconsistent- most nights he's awake every 2/3 hours, but occasionally it's just once. Do you mind me asking what you did in more detail?

lorisparkle Thu 30-Nov-17 06:41:14

The first thing was to not bf to sleep. This was probably the hardest as ds1 had always bf to sleep. So I rocked him, sang to him, etc until he eventually fell asleep. It did take a while and he did cry but I never left him. Then I decided on a time gap. I think the first was 2 hours as he was waking so often. If he woke before I would rock him and sing to him and if he woke after I would feed him. I did that for 3 days. Next we did not rock him to sleep - just held him and sang to him. I then increased the time by 15 minutes. After a couple of days I led next to him holding him and rubbing him etc and again increased the time by 15 minutes. However in the night I would rock and sing to him if he woke before the allotted time. After a couple of days I just would lie and hold his hand and increased the time, then just sat near him, then a little further away etc until I was outside the door. Always increasing the time but also rocking him if he woke in the night. I also did something similar for his daytime naps. Eventually after many months he was sleeping 12 hours at night and having 2 proper naps. We would vary it if he was poorly or we went on holiday but we never went back to bf him to sleep.

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