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Nutramigen 1 with LGG - Is Perfect Prep Machine ok to use?

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Noora2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:10:54

This might have been asked before so sorry if I'm doubling up.

Our 7 week old LO has been having a rough time being very unsettled and after prescribing different medicines the GP suggested trying a dairy free diet which I agree. So from tomorrow on we'll be trying Nutramigen 1 with LGG formula.

Our life savier until now has been our trusted Perfect Prep machine but not sure if we can use this with Nutramigen? Have read that if you add the formula on to boiling water that kills the LGG probiotics..?

Has anyone had the same problem? Did you still use the machine or used it by adding the powder at the end instead of straight onto boiled water? How about when you are out and about? TIA smile about this formula shockgrin

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hopeful31yrs Mon 13-Nov-17 20:13:15

We were on antireflux milk with both kids. We would do the full amount and add at the end - both kids were perfectly ok from this. When out an about we decanted water needed into a vacuum flask which was pre washed out with boiling water from the kettle.

Misspilly88 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:19:36

As long as the directions say not to do it with hot water, then Yes, press the button for the hot shot, then again for the cold water, then add the powder.

Noora2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:22:55

Thanks hopeful31yrs! smile
Was the water in the flask boiling hot? If it was how did you cool it down? Was wondering could I take one flask with boiling water and one with boiled cooled water and mix them before adding the powder?

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Noora2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:27:54

Misspilly88, on this powder it says to boil the kettle and pour the water into bottles and let it cool down to room temperature before adding the powder that's why I'm bit worried if the prep machine is ok.

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Misspilly88 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:33:15

That sounds fine then I would have thought. It will be just a bit warmer than room temp.

Noora2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:35:39

Yeah think you are right. I'm just being paranoid grin thanks!

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Nan0second Mon 13-Nov-17 20:41:19

Do not use the perfect prep.
Follow the instructions on the bottles.
Pour the water from the kettle into sterilised bottles. You can do 6 bottles at a time or whatever.
Put lids on and leave them to cool.
When time to feed, open bottle and add powder scoops.
Hot water on the powder kills the lgg.
Please follow the instructions. There is a lot of research to support lgg for cmpa.

Misspilly88 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:42:04

It wouldn't be hot though!?

Nan0second Mon 13-Nov-17 20:42:16

Please do not listen to people who do not know about the specifics of the highly specialised formulas.

Noora2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:48:15

Might be silly question but how long can you leave the water to cool before adding the powder? I.e. If I boil the kettle first thing in the morning and fill the bottles and go out and add the powder let say 2pm. Is it still ok to do even the water's been standing for so long? And if you then want to warm the milk a bit before giving to lo how you do this? And also when winter comes water then gets easily cooler than room temp if outside, is this ok? Sorry all these questions.

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Nan0second Mon 13-Nov-17 21:29:50

It won't get cooler than room temp.
You can leave it for hours as long as the lid is on.
If you want to warm it a bit (although most babies don't care), then put the whole bottle in a pot of warm water.

Noora2017 Tue 14-Nov-17 02:19:35

Thanks smile It's just so different to normal formula rules where you can't add the powder to water that is room temp.

One more question, if you needed the feed quickly and needed to cool the water down, did you stand the bottle in cool water? Just thinking that shouldn't I be able to mix freshly boiled water and cooled boiled water to get the water temp right straight away..? Can't see why this wouldn't be allowed.

Really really hope this milk works. Been up since 11.30pm and now it's 02.15am. Poor thing has been crying in pain and super unsettled most of that time. And even I'm feeling so bad for the little man as can't help I'm going slightly nuts with the lack of sleep. 😫😴

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Nan0second Tue 14-Nov-17 06:47:26

Yes you can do that (mix the waters) but it needs to be room temp so you would be better using the cooled water alone. Just make 6-8 bottles at once with water in. You can pour water out if they're too full!

Noora2017 Fri 17-Nov-17 01:54:50

Thanks everyone for your help and sorry for my late reply! smile

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Sparklyuggs Fri 17-Nov-17 05:20:05

I asked my paediatrian who said to press the button twice on the pp then add the nutramigen powder. Adding it in after the hot shot will kill the lgg which are very important for helping cmpa babies.

BunloafAndCrumpets Fri 17-Nov-17 05:33:00

I did same as sparkly, no problems.

I found it much easier out and about once we switched to that formula as no need to carry boiling water around with me - just carried a bottle of boiled water and made up and used it when needed.

Hope it helps him and hope you get some sleep!

Noora2017 Thu 23-Nov-17 20:55:31

Thanks Sparkly and Bunloaf and sorry for my delayed reply!

He started to be much more settled but has become really restless again in the last week. Days are ok but nights are horrid and poor thing seems to be in pain again. Feel very helpless as don't know what's wrong.

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