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Self Feeding 22 month old

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rachndan Wed 08-Nov-17 11:59:58

Hi all

DD2 is 22 months old and she is currently being assessed for ASD. This is due to lack of speech, imitation and other social skills. However, another thing is she will not feed herself with a spoon or fork.

She is a fussy eater as it is so most of her eating is finger foods but she does have porridge and yoghurts but will not feed herself. She will just sit there with her mouth open and wait for me to do. If I just leave the spoon with yoghurt on it for her or the bowl she will just throw them.

She feeds herself with her own bottle etc.

Any tips on how to get her to do it herself, bear in mind the ASD and her lack of communication skills.


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tiktok Wed 08-Nov-17 12:25:39

Hi, rachndan - might be more helpful to post this in the weaning folder? Or behaviour and development? This one is really for milk feeding i.e. breast, bottle.

Hope you get some good help.

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