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Increasing milk for bigger baby

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sthitch Wed 08-Nov-17 07:50:54

LO is now 8 weeks old, weighs 11lbs 12 and is on the 75th percentile - she is very very long, not particularly chubby. She's been on 4oz pretty much since birth, increased to 5oz about a month ago. She drowns EVERY bottle (6 per day) and has done since she was born- when it comes to increasing milk, the HV say to give her another ounce and see if she takes it- she would probably take 8 if I gave it to her grin shock she's perfectly happy between feeds but will often cry for more straight after. I think some of the problem is during half of her bottles she probably sicks up about an ounce. We have put her on 6oz and the sickness has increased as it's a lot for her belly, sometimes she can keep it all down.

I guess I'm looking for some reassurance that what I'm giving her is ok- when I read on here, babies don't seem to be on 6oz for months hmm -not that I'm going to reduce it but just wanting to see what others did if they had slightly bigger babies. I can't see it being long before I have to increase it to 7! I don't want to put her on hungry milk as we already changed to comfort and this has made her belly so much better. I guess I'm worried she's going to become huge with such a big increase!

sthitch Wed 08-Nov-17 07:53:06

Just to add - doing smaller feeds more often hasn't worked as she will cry for more and it make her really unhappy. We do 6 every 3 hours and once in the night which apart from the crying straight after, she's happy for the 3 hours in between.

pemberleypearl Fri 10-Nov-17 14:07:58

My DD is also a long girl (but also a bit chubby!). She is on the 98th centile for weight. I just give her as much as she wants. Don't worry about what other babies are doing.

Unicornberry Fri 10-Nov-17 14:15:05

Are you using paced bottle feeding? This will give her time to feel if her tummy is full.

wintertravel1980 Fri 10-Nov-17 21:12:18

DD loved her milk and kept asking for more so we continuously upsized her bottles. She was taking 5oz at 3 weeks, 6oz at 5 weeks and up to 7oz from 8 weeks. She is a big girl and has been continuously following the midpoint between the 91st and 98th percentile curves.

We had a maternity nurse who worked with hundreds of babies. She thought DD milk intake was definitely high but not unheard of. She also said we should not compare DD to other babies - if she wants more milk, we shouldn't overanalyse her feeding preferences and just keep following her cues.

DD's intake plateaued at around 10-12 weeks. She stayed on 5 of 7oz bottles a day up until weaning (we weaned at 4 months).

Marcine Sat 11-Nov-17 08:56:31

Does she have a dummy? Agree about paced bottle feeding too - if you eat fast you are more likely to overeat.

You can do a rough calculation of body weight x 2.5 to can approximate oz of milk needed per day. So a 12lb baby needs about 30oz.

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