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Combination/mixed feeding - tell me how to do it!

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butterybollocks Wed 01-Nov-17 10:37:20

Currently 38 weeks with my second child - baby scheduled to arrive next week (elcs).

I had a tough time breastfeeding my first child - I stuck at it for 7 months but it was really hard and took me a few years to get over it psychologically.

My main problems were over supply, really fast and painful let down, and flat nipples. Basically this meant I could only feed at home so couldn't get out much - it wasn't healthy for me and I now have DD to think about, have the school run to do etc.

So I'm thinking I'd like to mix feed from the start, perhaps a few breastfeeds a day and then formula the rest of the time.

Has anyone done this? Any tips? I'm not sure when I should start introducing a bottle and formula?

Lunalovepud Sun 05-Nov-17 18:00:08

Hi @butterybollocks,

This is only my experience, I am not qualified in any way.

I have combi fed since DD was born. I have made sure that I BF the majority of the time and top up with formula as and when - usually in the evening which is DDs fussy time... I think the trick to it for me has been to always BF first, even if I top up and to always use formula for topping up rather than for a feed on its own.

I was told by a LC that a baby needs 180ml of formula for every kg of weight, per day. I have used this to try to make sure that I am giving less than 50% formula per day and as time has gone on, this % has got more and more in favour of breastfeeding. Also, I always BF for night feeds which apparently helps maintain your supply.

Lots of people will tell you not to give formula at all if you want to do any breastfeeding and not to give a bottle at all until the baby is 6 weeks old as the baby will get a bottle preference / nipple confusion etc... This hasn't happened to us but as I said, this is only my experience and I am in no way qualified.

I have been told that giving formula will mean my milk will dry up - hasn't happened so far. I can only imagine that my boobs aren't spying on me while I am giving formula and deciding that their services are no longer required, and that there are other things at play if women find that formula feeding dries up their milk. Like they end up giving more bottles. As far as I can work out, breastfeeding is a supply and demand thing so as long as your baby keeps demanding, your body will supply.

Best of luck with everything.

formulaconfusion Sun 05-Nov-17 22:08:25


Can I ask what bottles and formula you have found to work best? I want to combi feed from birth too if possible (baby due in December) and am having a real problem choosing which bottles to get and deciding which formula
Currently I’m leaning towards hipp formula but really unsure about bottles as so many claim they are best for breastfed babies

When you say ‘top up’ do you mean literally as soon as baby comes off the breast you give a bit of formula or do you wait a few mins or longer and just the next time they fuss a bit top them up? Sorry for all the questions !

Lunalovepud Sun 05-Nov-17 23:55:21

Hi @formulaconfusion I think it varies depending on the baby... As I already have a toddler I had a collection of bottles for her to try! She seems to like tommee tippee the best and doesn't mind Dr Brown. I prefer tommee tippee for her as I think it's closest to a latch on the breast and in the early days I didn't want her to get a shallow latch.

Milk the same... I give cow and gate because that's what I gave my son and she is fine with that. Just see which one your baby likes... Most brands do a ready mixed bottle or carton of 200ml so you can try them out and see.

I'm not in any way qualified, I can only say what's worked for me. I always breastfeed first and foremost and top up with formula when she really fusses and only then when she has been at the breast for as long as possible so she is boosting my supply. I feed and switch feed until DD is pulling off and trying to latch again repeatedly then top up with formula. Seems to happen in the evening for me.

It's a really good idea to get some advice from a lactation consultant if you can, if there is a specialist bf midwife at your hospital then fab.

Good luck!smile

10storeylovesong Mon 06-Nov-17 09:37:20

Disclaimer - I'm an absolute beginner to all of this so my advice could be way off! Happy to be corrected!

I'm combi feeding my DS currently. He's 5 weeks. I ebf for the first 3 weeks until we didn't some time in hospital and I really struggled so DH gave a formula bottle that evening so I could sleep. Since then DH gives formula each evening while I have a couple of hours sleep. I BF during the day and the night, and my DS is an extremely hungry baby so spends a lot of time on the breast so it doesn't appear to have affected my supply.

He has aptamil and uses mam bottles and has no confusion whatsoever, and will quite happily switch between the two.

butterybollocks Tue 07-Nov-17 22:02:17

Thank you all. Baby arrived this morning and so far is breastfeeding well, with some extra harvested colostrum in syringes - I've had gestational diabetes so have had to be sure he's had decent feeds. We'll see where we go from here.

Lunalovepud Tue 07-Nov-17 23:56:33

Congratulations and best of luck with everything!

formulaconfusion Wed 08-Nov-17 09:20:32

Congratulations !

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