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Moving on from BFing - timing

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Passmethecrisps Sun 29-Oct-17 19:42:35

I am looking to garner some ideas on how to do this if I decide to.

I have been BFing my 4 month old and largely it has been an enjoyable and trouble free experience. However, like her FF big sister she suffers from CMPI and soy intolerance meaning that I have to cut those items from my diet.

One of the symptoms of her condition was early weightloss and refusal to feed so I introduced one bottle a day very early on just to make sure she would take one and use prescription formula for this feed. She takes it ok although some days better than others.

Looking to the future I think I might want to move on from BFing around Christmas time when she is 6 mo. I haven’t decided completely so I am just mulling at the moment.

How and when do you think I should start doing this? Which time of day would be best? I am also a bit anxious as currently the only way to get her to sleep is on the breast and she wakes multiple times a night so any ideas about how to prepare her for that would be much appreciated!

Thank you.

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