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Sore throat/dry nose while breastfeeding

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holmenkoll Sun 29-Oct-17 01:11:21

Hei I need some advice. I am EBF. Since postpartum I have had:
Swollen lips once
Stye in my left eye once
Now I am 16 weeks pp I am having sore throat on and off. Dry nose on and off.
I got so worried that I took bloodtest. Everything looks normal. I drink water but it doesn't help so much. I have dry lips and it doesn't help the cold weather. Can someone enlight me. I can not sleep so well because of my throat. Thanks.

AssassinatedBeauty Sun 29-Oct-17 01:34:38

I don't think it's anything to do with breastfeeding, necessarily. Could it be an allergy? What does your GP say?

holmenkoll Sun 29-Oct-17 01:03:11

I have an appointment on Monday. I have had Two Allergy blood test. Negative. sad

Passmethecrisps Sun 29-Oct-17 19:48:57

It may not be related but could you be extremely thirsty? I find that I develop extreme thirst as soon as my baby latches on. The amount I need to drink to feel well is fairly huge.

You are possibly also very run down. Make sure you are resting as much as possible during the day, take your BFing multivitamins and drink a pint of water for every feed. Also ensure you are eating enough.

I had a normal cold a few weeks back and it hit me like a brick. It was absolutely hideous and hung around for weeks.

Rainycity Sun 29-Oct-17 20:42:35

I agree with the previous poster, mayne you’re run down? I’m only just starting to feel like my system and body are returning back to ‘normal’ 9 months postpartum. I have a dry nose too. I try to get a balanced-ish diet and I’ve continued to take pregnancy/postnatal vitamins. I don’t have the sore throat you’ve mentioned, though it does get very dry and sometimes scratchy at night so I have to always have water on my bedside table.

holmenkoll Mon 30-Oct-17 05:33:08

Thanks girls for your comments, Yes I am exhausted, I don't feel thirsty, I drink water between 1,5 - 2 L per day. I eat quite good, everything I eat is made at home, not processed food at all. I am control freak when it comes to food, so I like to have control of what I eat. Maybe my body need time, I feel like an Alien, like my body has not be able to manage the whole pregnancy and the postpartum.

holmenkoll Tue 31-Oct-17 14:52:49

Hei Girls, I will keep updating this post as a reference to someone that could experience the same. Please if you are also able to keep updating I will really appreciate it. (^.^).

Rainycity Wed 01-Nov-17 13:27:15

Will do! How are you getting on, OP?

Mookatron Wed 01-Nov-17 13:34:39

1.5l - 2 l is what they recommend anyway. If you're breastfeeding you could drink more and it will help a bit I bet.

Sounds like you're run down. My mum would suggest 'a tonic' by which she would mean floradix or something.

Giving birth and having a newborn is a massive, massive physical effort. Nobody really tells you how much it ruins your body - at least for a bit.

If you're able, go back to bed with the baby and stay there. As long as the baby is safe they don't really need to do anything at this age do they?

holmenkoll Wed 01-Nov-17 14:09:30

Hei. I agreed with you, having a new born is a massive, massive physical effort. I told my doctor that I felt that my body has disappointed me in certain way. Since birth I have gone from one symptom to another sad Thanks for your comment. I just try to live the day by day and hope for the best.

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