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Dairy free mums I need your advice!

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Cclarke1979 Wed 18-Oct-17 18:14:00

I'm not sure if I've posted in the correct place so apologies if my message needs moving...

I basically wanted to ask those dairy free mums out there what symptoms their LO had/have when you eat dairy containing food and drink?
I've been dairy free since my son was about 8 weeks, he's now nearly 6 months. I gave up as my diet contained a vast quantity of dairy foods and my son was a generally unhappy soul, grumpy and crying and always seemed to have a lot of wind. He also appeared to struggle when going to the toilet and would just generally be miserable. We also thought he had silent reflux. So with the combined advice of my gp I went dairy free.
On occasion I have had the odd bit of cheese/milk and have noticed him being fretful a couple of days after with an increased wind output!

I'm desperate to start eating it again especially coming up to Christmas so I'm wondering whether these 'symptoms' really are due to me consuming dairy. How did/do your LO's react when you had some??
If anyone can give me advice I'd be very grateful.
Thank you all x

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