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Breastfeeding with breast implants

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bellagrace Thu 19-Oct-17 12:04:57

Thank you, that's so good to know! smile xxx

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SemperTemper Thu 19-Oct-17 11:47:48

I have implants and am currently bf successfully. Mine are subglandular, no cuts apart from insertion. Good luck!

bellagrace Mon 16-Oct-17 14:31:24

Does anyone have experience of breast feeding with breast implants? I'm 32 now and first had implants at age 21. I then had further surgery approx. 6 years ago to remove a ruptured PIP implant and replace both with safe(r) implants.

Both times, the implants were inserted through the crease under the breast and I did not have any cuts made around the nipple area. I still have feeling in both nipples.

I am currently 34 weeks and I've noticed that if I stimulate my nipples I see some clear-ish liquid coming out of them in the tiniest amounts, which I'm assuming is colostrum. I'm hoping this is a sign that everything should be ok but I'd be really grateful to hear from any other mums who have successfully breastfed after having implants, and also those who were unable to do so as a result of implants.

Thanks in advance ladies!

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