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Baby doesn't like my boobs

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Pinkbunny2 Sun 15-Oct-17 17:47:03

Hi there,

My 11 week old has been EBF with one bottle of pumped breastmilk as a dreamfeed for about 5 weeks, 4-5 days per week.

I feel like my supply has definitely decreased (which I think is normal as it should be more established) but now I have started to have issues pumping enough milk for one bottle (which is my lifesaver so I can get some sleep at night).

My baby is quite 'demanding' so I have also started to walk a lot and carry her in the sling as this the only way she will sleep during the day so I don't have time to pump during the day and I can't really rest either.

I am worried that this is affecting my supply too as I am walking a lot each day... and not by choice but that is a different topic ;)

I would say that I am still eating and drinking enough water despite not eating the healthiest at times due little time.

My partner suggested to give her a bottle of formula at night which I am not against the idea but I am worried that this will affect my supply even more??

My DD has never been a baby that 'enjoys' being on my breast so I can't really get her to feed more to increase my supply. I also started to offer her both breast and she doesn't seemed to be satisfied after one breast anymore.

Weight gain has been ok but has definitely slowed down over the last 3 weeks too.

Anyone with a similar experience?

Thanks x

TittyGolightly Sun 15-Oct-17 17:49:09

Those night feeds are really important, especially at the start. Skipping one and bottle feeding is a really bad idea. Sorry.

(I expressed exclusively for DD for 9 months and had to pump every 4 hours at night throughout to keep my supply up.)

TittyGolightly Sun 15-Oct-17 17:50:35

Bottles of formula will hammer more nails into the supply coffin.

Oats are great for supply. And water is really important.

Can you have a week's babymoon where you focus on feeding and getting your supply up?

Pinkbunny2 Sun 15-Oct-17 18:13:31

@TittyGolightly i have tried both. I stopped the night time bottle for a week (2 weeks ago) but it didn't make a difference in terms of my supply. It did mean more night feedings and therefore very little sleep. While I have read they are important i just need that little bit of sleep else I am finding it really hard to get through the days. Even if she gets a bottle i still feed her 2 every night.

I have also tried to offer the breast as much as possible but as I have said my DD is really not interested unless hungry and it makes her more fussy if I keep trying / offering if she doesn't want it sad i sometimes wish she would be on my boobs for longer.


Sugarcoma Sun 15-Oct-17 20:53:59

Are you doing skin to skin? Might help too.

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