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help 11 week old baby refuses bottle!

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menace Sat 17-Jul-04 18:50:35


hercules Sat 17-Jul-04 18:58:43

It's a funny looking teat. I think there is only one teat done by them and the only place I've seen them is small independant chemists. You then use disposable liners with them. Beware though as there was a problem with getting hold of the holders. I had to phone round se london and bought several packs at once.

These bottles are the only way dd will take breastmilk when I'm at work.

hercules Sat 17-Jul-04 19:02:04

I used to try a lot wit dd when she was very young with no success so gave up. She took it fine from dh one week before I went back at about 7 months.

edam Sat 17-Jul-04 19:52:33

Guess s/he's on mixed feeding, then? You could try wrapping a bra that you've worn (ie not freshly washed) around the bottle – dh did this when ds was refusing and worked for them. Dh said it was really funny, ds's expression changed as if to say 'why didn't you TELL me it was milk?'! Really helped me to recover from shredded nipples and knowing there was an alternative actually encouraged me to carry on b/f.

bluebear Sat 17-Jul-04 19:58:44

Playtex have just brought out a new system (the no bubbles bottle I think)..but I had success with my baby who refused bottles for ages when I tried the original playtex nurser system with a latex 'natural' infant size teat...they do about 4 different shaped teats but my chemist only had the 'natural' and it worked.
These people used to do a starter pack for playtex with all the different teats for £15..but I can't see it there now..
Good luck.

IlanaK Sat 17-Jul-04 20:27:14

We have used an Adiri breast bottle with my ds. The website is

menace Sat 17-Jul-04 20:37:32

hi alana have just got the adiri,milk seems to go everywhere, how do you heat it?do you take the lid off?did yours take it straight away,or after you several attempts? can you get away with using it o0ccasionally or are u using it every day?

mears Sat 17-Jul-04 21:00:40

What age is your baby manace?

mears Sat 17-Jul-04 21:01:19

God, I never read the titles properly. Why do you need her to take a bottle?

menace Sat 17-Jul-04 21:21:50

she is 11 weeks on monday mears, i want to go out!and i will b goin back 2 work when she is 51/2 months and dont want to leave it to the last minute.she normally has a feed at 10.30pm,so that meands if i go out at nite i only hav 21/2 hours of freedom!

mears Sat 17-Jul-04 21:35:03

Wide necked bottles and teats can be good for stubborn babies. I myself used Maws Resolve teats which have a slit in them that allows the baby to regulate the flow of milk. I know you won't believe it but a hungry baby will take milk form a bottle, cup or spoon. I think it is the confidence of the care giver that matters. If you want to go out then I would go. Your baby will not starve in one evening. I don't think it is necessary for a baby to prove that they will take a bottle before you go out. I think I had success with my babies taking bottles because they only got them when I wasn't there. It meant that they were not put off by lots of attempts at the bottle at an earlier stage.
My philosphy was I wasn't there so it wasn't my problem

menace Sat 17-Jul-04 22:18:22

hi mears,just wondering if your babies refused bottles regularly cause so many people have been telling me that this is a nitemare 2 crack

fuzzums Sat 17-Jul-04 23:29:49

My baby had a couple of bottles when she was a few weeks old, but refused completely to take them when she was about 8-10 weeks. I started taking the lid off the bottle and she would start to drink from the cup (gets a bit messy though!) I then bought a Heinz cup with a small drink spout and she took to this straight away (it is small, so she can get her hands round it)This also negated the problem of later getting her onto a cup and away from the bottle.It's worth a try if you are having problems.

Kif Sat 17-Jul-04 23:49:55

presume you've tried the Nuby nobbly ones?

mears Sun 18-Jul-04 00:23:54

None of them refused bottles menace.

IlanaK Sun 18-Jul-04 13:07:19

Menace, we do not heat the milk in the adiri bottle. We heat it in a regular bottle and then transfer it to the adiri when it is warm. It doesn't seem to go everywhere at all with us. Ds has a nightly bottle with it, but we are stopping that now and I am not sure what will happen.

fortnight Sun 18-Jul-04 15:45:46

I had this problem with dd when she was 5 months and I had to stop breastfeeding to go back to work. It was very stressfull as I only had a few weeks to make the transition. We tried every kind of bottle and teat ,and eventualy a cheap latex one did the trick. She was actually missing out on a feed for about 5 days out of pure stubborness! But I think it was our persistance that worked in the end .Unfortunately I was so stressed by the end of it that I finished the breastfeeding completely when I went back to work,instead of keeping it on for another few months as I had done with ds. Next time I'm going to try and give bottles of ebm regularly from a couple of weeks old. But Menace do keep trying,it will work eventually.

menace Sun 18-Jul-04 15:55:32

hi fortnight,thanks 4 ur encouragement,did u try the same feed every day?r more than once a day,?dp not here very often so hope she will take it from me!

scrumpy Sun 18-Jul-04 17:06:41

Menace agree with fortnight i have a 5 month old ds had same problem was occasionally taking bottle of ebm from avent bottle and teat then refused at about 9 weeks. tried every bottle teat could start a shop last week bought the real cheap latex ones from mothercare and then stopped b/f him as I have been back to work for 3 weeks and had to come home from work as childminder having a very bad day with him as he would not take bottle. 2 very stressful days for me though ds had no ill effects just kept offering bottle and he eventually took it. just fed him 5 ounces of ebm most he has taken from bottle but he is on solids as well..I know what its like it makes you feel very low but keep perservering I kept telling myself it was for his good so that he would feed when I was at work. I also echo what other mums say they will feed when they are hungry.

fortnight Mon 19-Jul-04 17:34:55

Yes I did try at the same time every day (lunchtime) as I had a weaning schedule to get from breast to bottle in two weeks. It was dh who did most of the trying at first,but once dd took a bottle from him,she took it from me too.

Rachael17 Wed 21-Jul-04 15:46:00

i had huge problems weaning ds from breast to bottle he knew what he wanted, wouldnt take a bottle from anybody not his dad or grandparents even if it was breast milk. in the end i had him on the breast and as he was suckling i would pull out my nipple as i eased in the bottle he was to ingrossed in drinking that he didnt realise it was a teat it took about 2 weeks of that and also trying on its own till he took a bottle on its own, just try not to get too worked up i did on a couple of very frustrating nights and ds picked up on it

daisybaby Mon 16-Jul-07 17:08:56

Had some problems with my daughter. The adiri bottle was fantastic. Try

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