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Baby gone off breast milk?

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Bryonie2017 Wed 11-Oct-17 20:48:03

Dd has been bottle fed alternating breast milk and formula since she was released from hospital (28 week preemie). She also has reflux which she is medicated for.

About a week ago she started fighting her breast milk feeds, turning her head away and arching her back but she was fine on formula. I assumed it was reflux so took her to the doctors, had her meds adusted and stuck to formula for a week. Her reflux has been fine so I've tried her with the breast milk again (frozen then defrosted but well in date) and she is still fighting the bottle!

Is it possible for a baby to go off breast milk? She is 5 months now and the milk is from when she was 3 months so is it a composition thing? It seems a waste to throw the milk away (I had an oversupply so still have a freezer drawer full) but obviously want to make sure she is actually eating!

Any experiences/ideas?

April45 Thu 12-Oct-17 05:53:45

I'm not sure.. but I remember reading breast milk changes as they develop according to their needs - so she may not be having the right milk if it's 2 months old. Have you tried the milk? Does it smell ok- not gone off?

Smarshian Thu 12-Oct-17 06:00:51

Have you tried it? Sometimes breast milk with high lipase levels can taste soapy once frozen and then defrosted. Might be the case for you?

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