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Best bottle for breastfed baby

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Mrsfucktrumpet Tue 10-Oct-17 16:32:34

I know this has probably been done to death but what's the best bottle for a breast fed baby?

Dd is 5 weeks and I've been using a MAM bottle and dummy. This isn't everyday and is limited to when she really needs it. She sometimes gets a bottle ebm at night to give me a text but I worry she's picking up bad habits.

She makes this clucking noise at breast but no sore nipples, putting on plenty of weight and lots were and dirty nappies. It's an annoyance and I don't want it to progress into a problem. This has only been the past week or so. Also think it may be due to position as my boobs r huge and I find it difficult to get her positioned right. I seem to have got loads more milk in past couple weeks so possibly that's it.

I have a calma teat that came with my medela pump ? Or is there other brands that's better ? Ideally looking one that aims to reduce nipple confusion. Same with a dummy if any one has tips on that. She mainly likes it to soothe her when she's having difficulty with wind .

Sorry didn't mean for that to be so long !

vlooby Tue 10-Oct-17 16:37:16

We use a nuk. It's a funny shape so probably more like an actual nipple....

HV advice was to just persevere with one brand though

TeddyIsaHe Tue 10-Oct-17 16:40:27

I used the Medela calma ones for Dd, they encourage them to suck the same way they do at the breast and at 8 months I’ve had no problems with her having either breast or bottle.

Dd also did the clicky thing, but it caused me no pain and she gained weight and suddenly outgrew it one day so I guess your might be the same.

Dummies I have no idea as no matter how much I tried Dd would never entertain one!

lorelairoryemily Tue 10-Oct-17 16:59:39

We used tommee tippee closer to nature, found them great

Mrsfucktrumpet Tue 10-Oct-17 17:09:10

Thanks smile

vlooby it's more I'm worried about confusion. She does take the bottle fine though .

teddy when did the clicky thing start. She had been going between bottle n breast fine and was confused why it started as i thought I would have seen problems straight away x

Ktown Tue 10-Oct-17 17:15:51

NUK rubber teats were fantastic. they are low flow so resemble the breast so the child doesn't get put off the breast. i used them for over 1 year before switching to avent.

i found my child didn't drink as much as recommended by the formula milk company (only 50ml-100ml) but she still thrived and i mixed fed for over 2 years as a result.

stargirl1701 Tue 10-Oct-17 17:20:56

We used the NUK glass bottles with the latex teats.

Bonus was the teats are compostable and the glass recyclable.

VocalDuck Tue 10-Oct-17 17:23:29

I don't think all babies do suffer with nipple confusion as plenty are combined fed and have a dummy from birth or soon after. Putting on weight with wet and dirty nappies is a good indication everything is going well.

Meepmoop Tue 10-Oct-17 17:24:22

I use NUK to, he took them straight away. They've made no different to breastfeeding

Mrsfucktrumpet Tue 10-Oct-17 17:47:59

Was it the NUK first choice tests that youz used ? I was on their website and I see there is a couple. Not sure about the glass.bottle though? Is.there different advantages to a glass bottle ?

stargirl1701 Tue 10-Oct-17 17:59:21

Only that glass is recyclable and plastic can only be downcycled. No difference to your baby feeding.

Meepmoop Tue 10-Oct-17 18:07:18

I use the number 2 teats but I have a fast flow

TeddyIsaHe Tue 10-Oct-17 19:40:34

At around 5 weeks and stopped fully by 4 months. I was checked over by a lactation consultant and she said her latch was fine. She had no idea why Dd was doing it, possibly a fast let down and gulping which was making the noise. I just winded her lots and she never had a problem, still breastfeeding now at 9 months.

calamityjam Tue 10-Oct-17 20:06:32

The clucking can be caused by very full breasts meaning that she might be struggling to latch onto the overstretched nipple. If you hand express a little before you put her on it might help. Its also useful if you have a fast letdown as the initial gush will occur during expression. The fullness might be due to mixed feeding. Dd has stimulated enough milk production for all her feeds so if she's being fed some formula, not all of the milk which has been produced is being used and builds up

Mrsfucktrumpet Thu 12-Oct-17 10:39:46

Thanks calamity, I'm not combi feeding. I'm expressing milk when I can. She doesn't get a bottle every night just when I'm tired. Really hard to get time to express sad

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