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Baby's farts

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HashtagTired Mon 09-Oct-17 04:49:33

If I have wind (which I do. I really do) it’s probably because of something I ate.

If my bf baby farts, I’m thinking it’s because of the air he takes in when he feeds.

But could his farts be because of what I ate?

We are both farting away here, but for me it’s a satisfying relief, but for my 5wo it seems so painful.

NinaMarieP Mon 09-Oct-17 05:17:02

Kellymom says it’s unlikely to be anything to do with your diet.

I found my LO’s windyness got really bad at 5 weeks, every morning from 4 or 5 am he was grunting and straining and we had to cosleep because of it.

He’s now 9 weeks and farts like a trooper but it doesn’t seem to bother him very much at all.

April45 Thu 12-Oct-17 07:04:07

I found it was both- if I was more windy than usual so was DS. Massage on tummy works well to relieve the wind

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