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6 months old - reflux

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Forgottencoffee Wed 04-Oct-17 18:53:36

Since my LO was born he has always spit up A LOT of his milk. I'd feed him 4oz and he would spit up at least an ounce. We'd have to change his outfit at least twice between every feed and he was feeding every 2 hours. I took him to the GP when he was 8 weeks old (still on 4oz) and he told me I was over feeding him and should give him less and use a slower teat. He wasn't interested when I told him he was on the slowest test and would scream for a bottle sometimes every hour so he obviously wanted more than 4oz.

Fast forward 4 months and he's 6 months old and is still the same only he's on 5oz now and some solids. The only difference is he seems really uncomfortable throughout the day and when he spits up it REALLY smells; like adult sick and it's thick and just yuck. We took him back to the GP but was landed the same one as before. He told us we were still over feeding him and to reduce his feeds to 3oz. I'm sorry but is it just me who thinks this sounds absolutely ridiculous?! My LO doesn't sleep through the night and I think it's partially due to the fact he's uncomfortable because he often wakes for no reason and won't go back down.

Should I get a 2nd opinion? Is there anything I can try that doesn't require a prescription?? Does it actually sound like reflux or am I actually over feeding him?? Help!

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Summertime10 Wed 04-Oct-17 22:25:18

Dear me what a rubbish gp, you poor thing having to put up with that silly advice twice. It definitely sounds like reflux and I would certainly ask for a second opinion. Infant carobel can be bought without prescription and is an infant milk thickener (you'll need faster flowing teats to help it come out of the bottle though). Hope you get sorted soon op.

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