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4 week old congested, won't feed leading to engorgment

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TeaTeaTea Tue 03-Oct-17 12:01:05

My 4 week old is congested so isn't feeding as often as she has been - that in itself isn't worrying me as she is a very good weight, feeds well and I'm partly wondering if she's starting to feed more effectively so can go longer than 3hrs between feeds.
However it's left me engorged in left breast. I've heard mixed advice and don't know what to do,
Do I:
- Feed from lesser side and just express tiny bit from engorged side to release the pressure (with the thought that if keep feeding from engorged side then it'll keep producing more milk that I don't need)
-Feed from engorged side to empty it (but by emptying it doesn't that tell my body that yes my baby does need all of that milk)

So far this morning I fed her from engorged side - not emptying the boob as there was enough milk for man & country shock, then the lesser side on next feed. Just started next feed and had to be the engorged side again.

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