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SO how do you stop breastfeeding a clingy 2 year old?

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popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:10:47

He has a morning and night time feed and an occasional one before or after a nap (I usually try distracting him from having this)

He would be distraught with 'cold turkey' - he is very much still into his feeding. He is going through a stage of demanding it all of the time and, coupled with tantrums, and still poor sleep, I think I I just about ready for him to stop.

I try to do the 'don't offer' thing already.

How do you cope with the meltdowns when you stop?

misdee Sun 08-Apr-07 15:11:40

give him to someone else to do bedtim routine?

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:12:59

and how do you cope with that meltdown???

misdee Sun 08-Apr-07 15:14:04

i dont. i leave it to dh.

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:14:28

how should dh cope with it

misdee Sun 08-Apr-07 15:15:46

dh does cuddles, then puts her dowen to bed.

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:16:25

so has dd3 totally stopped mow misdee?

I thikn our time has come and

vikkiuphill Sun 08-Apr-07 15:16:27

My mother breast fed me for 3 years and i as the same, i was a poor eater and wanted my breast milk more. At the age of 3 my mother thought it best that i stopped and she left me with my grandmother for a few days. In that time my mothers milk had dried up. It worked for me anyway.

FrannyandZooey Sun 08-Apr-07 15:17:49

I think the book "How Weaning Happens" is very good.

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:18:00

you see - no one will have him!
MIL said she would have both boys for a few days from tuesday but a few days ago she backed down as she 'really doesnt think she can cope with ds2's sleeping'

I have never EVER been away from him at night

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:18:37

will look that up franny
I don't want to make him really upset but it feels, at least for me, that the time is right...

misdee Sun 08-Apr-07 15:21:09

she only feeds in the morning

FrannyandZooey Sun 08-Apr-07 15:28:35

This page might help?

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:34:32

franny - that pagge is brill - have bookmarked to read later - interesting about quadrupling birth weight....
of to weigh ds2 lol

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:42:16

he was 8lb 11 at birth.....he will be feeding for a long time yet then!

misdee Sun 08-Apr-07 15:43:18

lol i was just trying to figure that out for dd3, long way to go.

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 15:45:17

it did saying for girls it is more like 3 times their biorth weight

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-Apr-07 15:49:39

popsy I knew this would be your thread. Your ds2 is so like my ds1 it's uncanny.

anyway I weaned him at 15 months in a hurry (you may remeber there was a child free wedding involved). It was scarey, but actually, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. But then I think my mnind has blanked some of it because I cannot for the life odf me remeber what we did at bedtime. I think we just had an extra big cuddle and long story, with cup of water.

good luck!

misdee Sun 08-Apr-07 15:52:00

ooo she is there then.

FrannyandZooey Sun 08-Apr-07 15:55:42

Popsy can you link me the page which mentioned quadrupling birth weight please? It must have been a link from the kellymom page I linked to, rather than the page itself, I think

misdee Sun 08-Apr-07 15:57:08


FrannyandZooey Sun 08-Apr-07 15:58:55

Ah thanks Misdee

I love that Dettwyler article, should have guessed it was from there

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 17:29:04

need to think it through but think that i may try a gentlry gentley approach next week
ds1 is away at PILs for a few days and dh is off so may be an ideal opportunity

popsycal Sun 08-Apr-07 17:30:49

It is the logistics of it all that concerns me tbh. While I don;t really want to do cold turkey, I don't think he would get the 'sometimes' thing.

It is only in his bedroom already although he has spent the last week constantly asking for 'juice baba' () during the day too

Boco Sun 08-Apr-07 17:47:32

I'm really confused about this at the moment. I have a 2 year old i'm still breastfeeding.

Sometimes, when she shouts loudly in public that she needs 'booby', or when she climbs into my bed at 5am and scrabbles about trying to latch on ,i wonder what i'm doing and think it's time to wean. Then i read an article like that, and get all confused.

My dd is so attached to breastfeeding - i don't offer, and i refuse if we're out, or i'm trying to cook, but she feeds at bedtime, first thing in the moring, and its' the only way i can still get her to have an afternoon nap (which i think is my main reason) I've loved breastfeeding, i think it's part of the reason she's so confident, secure and independent. It's been so valuable lately when she had to have a general anaesthetic and it was instant comfort and reassurance when she was so distressed.

But, i am starting to feel a bit wierd about it, like i have to justify myself to people all the time and feel a bit embarrassed about it.

I have no idea how to stop though, my dd1 weaned at 14 months and i was expecting it to be the same this time.

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