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Sudden weaning 9mo fed-to-sleep baby due to low milk - how do I manage this?

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Euclpyt Mon 18-Sep-17 23:11:55

Has anyone been through this? My supply recently reduced drastically (possibly due to a bad virus we both had) and usual measures aren't working. Tried frequent feeds, pumping, Fenugreek, smoothies etc. Also now on Motilium for 2 days. I would love advice on how to make it less stressful for her.

Currently we feed to drowsy or sleep so it is going to be a very big change and I feel awful. I know it is not right to stop BF suddenly, and we are both distressed. We were having good progress on putting her down awake, but this illness combined with lots of new motor skills has put paid to that, now she screams when put down in cot and I've been co-sleeping to get some sleep and comfort her.

When should I just stop and change to formula? Should I try to keep at least one feed or just stop? Should I let her try to nurse anyway? How can I manage nap and bed times? Any other advice?

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SoupyNorman Mon 18-Sep-17 23:14:30

I had to do this recently with my 8 month old due to my being hospitalised. Cold turkey was very hard for both of us, I'm not going to lie, but it got easier within 4/5 days. DH did all the settling to sleep for the first couple of weeks or so, is that an option for you?

kuniloofdooksa Mon 18-Sep-17 23:22:12

I had this at 9 months too, following both if us having a viral infection. I switched to formula and never had any issues or upset. It doesn't have to be awful. Try not to be stressed about it as your baby will pick up on your tension if you are convinced that it is all terrible.

Euclpyt Tue 19-Sep-17 01:00:27

Thanks for your support. @kuniloofdooksa, did you previously feed to sleep? How did you settle your baby / deal with night wakes after you had to wean suddenly? Did you try to continue with one or two feeds or just stop? I'm trying not to be too emotional around her but it's tough when she is crying for milk and comfort and I can't give it.

@SoupyNorman, unfortunately DH is not here in the daytime and can't do nighttime settles due to his work the next day (needs to be alert for safety reasons). How did you settle bub yourself during the night etc after you got out of hospital and they wanted boob still? I hope you're better now after your hospital stay.

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SoupyNorman Tue 19-Sep-17 12:18:29

Thanks, I am. DH did all of the night settling for quite some time so it made things a lot easier (he had to take leave to look after our daughter). But after a few days she didn't really look for boob any more, and was old enough to understand and recognise the word bottle - gets v excited now whenever we say it. Now she just takes her bottle before bed time, and goes to sleep usually through the night. If she does wake I rock her and she usually settles back down easily. A couple of times I've brought her into bed with us and she just wants to snuggle up close to me. They are pretty adaptable so if you hold firm - I had to, no choice - your baby will adjust.

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