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Expressing tips! Freezer stash wanted!

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Babybeesmama Thu 14-Sep-17 19:43:26

Hi all.. wanting some tips on expressing.. DS3 is happily taking a bottle of expressed milk at bedtime & id like to build up a stash for the freezer incase I want to go out etc.. I use my medela of an evening & can get 4oz if he's taken the bottle earlier with the medela swing. DH is enjoying feeding him & it means I can put the other 2 to bed which is nice. Expressing just seems a bit long winded.. I have the Hakka pump but now he's bigger he kicks it off. 😕.

He's a chunk... gone from 25th centile at birth to 91st this week!!! He's not sleeping great but the top up of expressed milk does help.

Any tips gratefully received ! X

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1stTimeRounder Fri 15-Sep-17 08:12:29

Hey, the best tip I ever got for expressing was to use compression whilst expressing. I had supply issues and was only getting really small amounts each time but using compression helped me get more out and also increase my supply (from barely there to there but still pretty pathetic!)

Great video below; it talks about premies but anyone can use the technique and it really did work for me. One word of caution; I did this for 5 weeks 3 times per day and 2 months after stopping I still have pains/tendonitis in my hands. It might just be that I had to work really hard, but at least you know.
Let me know if this helps?

Dragonfree Sun 17-Sep-17 00:30:27

I found expressing just after LO had fed helped increase supply which then allowed me to build up a nice freezer full. You have to keep it up though or risk mastitis..... You can also slowly reduce how much you express after a feed to reduce the likelihood of mastitis.

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