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Anyone restarted BF after 1 week?

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helsybells Wed 13-Sep-17 17:26:45

Had my second baby a week ago and just like my first I had agony feeding her in first 24 hours, nipples were bleeding by end of day 1 and just found it incredibly painful. I gave myself so much guilt for "failing" with my first but hoped it would work out better with number 2 but was also determined not to beat myself up this time if it didn't work out. I'm now feeling a lot better and toying with the idea of trying to start BF up again. Has anyone else done this and had success? If so any tips?

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Bangkokbaby Wed 13-Sep-17 17:38:06

I've not been in this situation myself, but have met women who have and it is possible.
It might help you to get some face to face support, are there any breast feeding support groups in your area? Or could you call the breastfeeding network support line tonight?
At this stage milk production is hormone driven, prompted by the removal of your placenta. If you put baby to your breast you should have milk for them. The more you feed the more milk your body will produce.
If it is really sore then don't suffer in silence. Get babies latch checked by a medical professional or peer supporter.
If you want to then you can do this. Take all the support you can get.
If you are in Facebook then I would recommend the group breastfeeding younger babies and beyond. They are a really supportive group.

Bangkokbaby Wed 13-Sep-17 17:40:01
They are open to 930 tonight and can talk you through what to do.

Sugarcoma Thu 14-Sep-17 21:31:21

Pumping might help - you need to tell the body to produce more milk. Best of luck xx

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