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Colief... wind!

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Nightscroller1 Thu 07-Sep-17 05:29:01


My LO is 6 weeks old and has terrible wind. She screams mid feed, mid sleep and has a rock solid stomach.

I've tried various over the counter relief drops/medicine.

The doctor has said to use colief, I started last night - just wondering if anyone has any reviews as such?


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Fightthebear Thu 07-Sep-17 05:41:09

Colief made a dramatic improvement on DS1's wind after other otc remedies (Infacol, gripe water etc) had failed.

I found it a pain to use though in that if you're bf you have to express the milk first.

Your baby's discomfort sounds quite bad flowers could there be an actual milk allergy?

I know nothing about milk allergies in babies but plenty of know how on MN.

Nightscroller1 Thu 07-Sep-17 09:00:24

Thanks for the info,how long did it take until you noticed a difference?

I began using it last night - massive pain in the bum as I'm also bf. She won't take off a spoon either so I need to put it in a bottle (and watch out for when she finishes the tiny bit!).

I do think it's more extreme than normal wind, she's been crying in her sleep since I put her down at 6.

I've cut out dairy as well to see if that helps but I only did that from Tuesday.

Hopefully it gets better as it's tough going. If not it's back to the dr's next Friday sadflowers

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Fightthebear Thu 07-Sep-17 11:31:37

I think there was an improvement by the next day. DS1 never cried during feeds but would sometimes cry for hours afterwards. He'd fart and bring his knees in to his chest. The Colief eased all of that pretty quickly.

Best of luck, it's really stressful I know.

Nightscroller1 Thu 07-Sep-17 12:20:37

Thanks very much @Fightthebear - the doctor said yesterday 'it doesn't affect them long term or developmentally but it's the parents we worry about' whilst eye balling my close to tears face ha x

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Oly5 Thu 07-Sep-17 12:28:33

Colief didn't help us but my baby grew out of all the issues by six months. Not helpful I know. It was torture. I also drove myself insane cutting things out of my diet (didn't help). Try not to go mad, it will improve!

Fightthebear Thu 07-Sep-17 12:37:51

At least your GP sounds sympathetic.

Although it was grim at the time I felt battling through the wind/colic/crying forged a bond of steel between DS1 and I. Stick with it, all your attempts to comfort her will bring you closer x

Nightscroller1 Thu 07-Sep-17 15:23:52

I haven't noticed a difference yet but she has did 2 big poos, one of which was on me! Her stomach is still gargling away and she is still crying tho.

Also any time I lie her flat she is sick which is making me think it's more than just colic!

The gp was great, needless to say she has a 2 week wait and I only got to see her by chance at the post natal 6 week check up clinic!

Thanks both xxx

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Mustbeinsane1984 Thu 07-Sep-17 21:53:26

I have had the same with my 9 week old a few weeks ago. For a whole week she cried constant every night. I boiled up some bay leaves, mint and camomile and little bit of fennel and made like a tea. If Bf you can drink it yourself. We watered it down and gave 5ml in a syringe just before last fed. Results almost instant. Our pediatrician is old school. Check with your doctor it's ok. All natural though. Worked a treat now have a little happy lady.

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