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Infacol vs gripe water vs colief - which one

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Turno1 Fri 01-Sep-17 06:40:01

My 7 week old has been taking infacol before formula feed. Last week started getting wind quite bad and an hour after feed, cried in real discomfort, goes red, clenches fists etc. I know this is wind as it goes in waves and he trumps a lot. I tried gripe water, but it made no difference. The infacol helps him do good burps after feed but doesn't stop the discomfort an hour later.
He is at his worst at 7pm where it lasts 40mins and then goes away and he falls asleep.
He doesn't get it though during night, it's just in the day.
I was wondering if to try colief, but it says this is for intolerance. He's not intolerant, he will possett if not kept upright and sometimes regurgitates a bit of curdled later if it hasn't digested fully, but he is not sick.
Does colief help? If he isn't intolerant and I use it, will it affect his developing digestive system as he gets older? Or will not do him any harm? Am not just better sticking with infocol?

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Emma1609 Sun 03-Sep-17 14:41:33

I use all 3 and think they are great. Infacol is to help them burp up air/wind. Gripe is antacid to settle tummy. Colief was a miracle cure for me cos ds getting too much foremilk when breastfeeding so too much lactose. Ive now switched to formula but still give it. Try colief and if it makes no difference just stop. You have to follow the preparation instructions carefully though.

Emma1609 Sun 03-Sep-17 14:43:31

It wont do any harm to try.

Spam88 Tue 05-Sep-17 13:14:42

I felt the same as you OP, my LO had terrible wind but I was reluctant to try Colief and possibly cause an intolerance that wasn't there to begin with. We got through it with infacol, gripe water did nothing for us either. Could you maybe try massaging baby's tummy a bit? Bringing their knees up to their tummy helps as well, and for some reason my LO passes lots of wind when she has her nappy off. Now shes a little older as well, tummy time is good for shifting a bit of wind. Sorry if you're already doing all those things.

Dentinox do a product similar to infacol but with a slightly different ingredient - might be worth a go to see if that works any better?

Turno1 Tue 05-Sep-17 14:17:15

Thanks for the advice. GP thinks he may have mild reflux aswell as wind so we are on infant gaviscon aswell as infocol and touch wood so far there has been an improvement.

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