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Infacol and cluster feeding

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lorza03 Tue 29-Aug-17 02:22:00

I had the same problem. From.about 3weeks my little boy is now 7 weeks and I
Still using the infocol. I sometimes give it more than once in a cluster feed especially if there are cues he may need it such as legs up and a bit unsettled at the breast....the mre you give infocol the better the results hopefully. ..good luck. ..p.s. I always keep my little boy upright after a feed for at least 20minutea does seem to the help him settle of to sleep better x

Redhead79 Thu 24-Aug-17 17:39:41

Just started using infacol to help with my 2 week olds wind and so far it does seem to be making a bit of a difference.
However, last night he had a 4 hour cluster feed (from 1am the little monster!) and if he's on and off the boob do I need to keep giving him the infacol or just at the start of the cluster?

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