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Top tips for getting premature baby to breastfeed

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grainmum Fri 18-Aug-17 12:32:29

My 6 week old DS was born at 30+3. I've been expressing for him getting good good volumes now the time has come to get him feeding orally. He is still tiny (1.5kg) so although he's interested latch is not coming naturally. Just tried some nipple shields at nurses suggestion and he seemed to suckling the nipple a bit but not properly latched. Any top tips? He has a good suck.

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sunshinebutterfly Sun 20-Aug-17 08:07:21

My LO was 36 weeks. Poor suck and VERY sleepy.

4 weeks later and they are now making progress!

Things I think helped
1) Tonnes of skin to skin
2) Offering both breasts every time, then EBM bottle.
3) Accepting that if I'm stressed they could tell so better to give EBM when we were both frustrated than to persevere in vain/frustration/sleep deprived tears.
4) Accept that they might not get the hang of it till nearer 40 weeks.
5) Seek reassurance/advice from other mums and health care professionals.

It is very tough but persevere. It is worth it when it finally works!!!

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