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Sick and poo

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DLB18 Thu 10-Aug-17 05:19:00

Sorry!! I'm breastfeeding my DS who is almost 6 weeks and my first baby. I didn't intend to feed his this way for a variety of reasons (most of which I now realise we're very selfish!) but he just latched on. All was going very well until this past week when he has stopped having dirty nappies. He did suffer from trapped wind which seems to have sorted itself out with the help of some gripe water but we haven't had a dirty nappy now in two days - he is also being sick after almost every feed. I have looked at support groups online and they seem to say it is normal but I just wondered if any 'real people' had experienced this change?

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tiktok Thu 10-Aug-17 10:24:34

Loads of real people have experienced this because it is normal - in a baby who is thriving and healthy, a slow down of pooing after the newborn stage is well within normal, and because their digestive systems are still maturing, possetting (I'm assuming it's not actual vomit) is very very common.

The poo slow-down happens because the gastric-colic reflexes that produce poo very readily have stopped being 'hair trigger' (it is not because 'breastmilk is totally digestible and there is none left over' - which is a reason that makes no sense as the baby produces loads of poo when he does finally go smile ).

Sounds like you are a wee bit under confident in the whole process which is really common when you're new to it.....but nothing in your post suggests anything but the fact you are doing just fine smile

DLB18 Thu 10-Aug-17 11:01:20

Thank you - that has really put my mind at rest x

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