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Lunch & dinner ideas for 13MO

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mude Tue 08-Aug-17 21:40:12

My 13 month old is a good eater, but I am guilty of often offering cold/snack foods. She loves pasta of any type and stir fry, omelette etc but I am wondering if anyone has any good baby friendly recipes? I feel like I'm not offering enough variety !
Thank you

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Eminado Tue 08-Aug-17 21:43:47

Annabel Karmel toddler book

My 1 year old likes

Cottage pie
Stir fry
Beef stew w rice
Spaghetti w meatballs
Fish cakes
Chicken breasts w mash and veg and gravy

Buddy14 Tue 08-Aug-17 22:36:14

Mackerel in tomato sauce
Quesildiladas (too tired to find right spelling!)
Fish pie
Chicken curry

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