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Eco bottle brands - best one? Glass bottles any good?

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Stripeystripes Mon 07-Aug-17 18:37:33

I use plastic bottles at the moment. But trying to move towards a more eco friendly way!

My baby has dropped and lost two bottles and we're down to only one. It's not that bad as he only gets one bottle a day when it and about for convenience etc (breastfed the rest of the time), but could do with another bottle.

Any glass bottle brands anyone can recommend? Or eco brands?

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Stripeystripes Mon 07-Aug-17 18:38:51

Ugh badly phrased! *Only gets one(ish) bottle a day when we're out and about - or I'm not home and DH feeds.

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stargirl1701 Mon 07-Aug-17 18:48:54

NUK do a glass one. They also make latex and silicone teats both of which are compostable in your long term garden compost.

Lifefactory glass ones have a silicone protector so they don't smash.

Klean Kanteen do a stainless steel one that you can covert into a sippy cup.

stargirl1701 Mon 07-Aug-17 18:50:54

stargirl1701 Mon 07-Aug-17 18:52:13

stargirl1701 Mon 07-Aug-17 18:53:38

Stripeystripes Mon 07-Aug-17 19:01:59

Ooh stargirl, these are amazing! Thank you! Do you use any of these? Any you like best?

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Stripeystripes Mon 07-Aug-17 19:02:57

(Now obsessed with that little acorns site 😂)

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stargirl1701 Mon 07-Aug-17 19:18:31

It's a dangerous site! 🤣

I used and liked the NUK when DD2 was very little. We all have the Klean Kanteen bottles. They are fantastic.

stargirl1701 Mon 07-Aug-17 19:27:57


sycamore54321 Mon 07-Aug-17 19:34:02

Glass seems unwise if the problem is the baby frequently dropping the bottle. From an ecological perspective, I'd imagine secondhand / pre-used would be more environmentally friendly than most other options.

stargirl1701 Mon 07-Aug-17 20:08:52

Not for plastic. It degrades over time and leaches toxins into the food.

The silicone sleeves do work to prevent breaking.

Stripeystripes Mon 07-Aug-17 22:47:40

Those sites,*stargirl*!!! I love them. Uhoh... I now have a couple of full shopping baskets!

Yes it's both the environmental factor and that plastic leaks toxins is why I want to avoid them. I think those silicone sleeves on the life factory might be the ones I try!

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stargirl1701 Tue 08-Aug-17 08:25:58

There is an ongoing thread in Ethical Living here on MN with like minded folk looking to reduce plastic consumption. Join us!

Stripeystripes Tue 08-Aug-17 08:57:00

I will! Thank you!

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Brittanyspears Wed 09-Aug-17 13:25:05

We moved from Dr Brown to mamm glass bottles. Very happy with them. We put them in the dishwasher (from 6 months old). Cute designs too.

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