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Dream feeding

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MrsJW15 Thu 27-Jul-17 00:08:48

Talk to me about dream feeds please. Do you? Pros and cons?

How much do you wake baby? How long do they feed for? And do you do a nappy change?


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FartnissEverbeans Thu 27-Jul-17 00:24:08

DS is 9.5mo and until recently I was doing a dream feed at about 10pm, before I went to bed. That kept him going til the morning.

I think the idea with dream feeds is to do them as late as possible, at your bedtime, so that you get a longer sleep before the next feed.

DS always stopped eating when he was finished, even during a dream feed. I don't do nappy changes unless there's a poo in there!

The only big con is that it is much harder to wind the baby afterwards without waking them up. I just tried to be really gentle.

Whitelisbon Thu 27-Jul-17 00:28:01

You only rouse baby enough that they'll latch on, which, in my experience, is only a tiny bit, generally lifting them is enough, especially once they smell milk.
Feed as long as they want - I used to tickle their feet if they'd fallen asleep too soon, it depends on how long they normally feed for though.
No, no nappy change unless they're dirty - the idea is that they get a full tummy without waking up, so you get more sleep.
Pros - baby gets a feed just before you go to bed, means you can relax and know that you'll get a bit of sleep.
Cons - none in my experience.
Good luck.

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