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12 month old just likes bottles

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Bluebellsandsunflowers Sat 08-Jul-17 07:32:38

DD is 12 months old, and likes three bottles of milk a day. She has 7oz when she wakes up, 5 or 6oz at some point in the afternoon, and 6oz before bed. She eats food well, but barely drinks any water no matter which cup we try.

We have been trying to transition her from the bottle to a soft spout training cup. At first she refused to drink from it, but now will have a try. The problem is it takes her longer to drink 2oz of milk from the training cup, than it takes her to drink an entire bottle. Because of this, she's getting fed up and refuses to drink anymore. But because she barely drinks any water, I'm always keen to ensure she has lots of milk so she doesn't get dehydrated. DD also likes to still be cuddled and fed her milk, which can be tricky with the training cup.

Does anyone please have any advice? Thank you.

DonkeyOaty Sat 08-Jul-17 07:35:06

Don't stress, try again with sippy cup in a few months. The bottle before bed - as long as you clean her teeth after, before sleep, it'll be fine.

bikingintherain Sat 08-Jul-17 07:37:13

I agree with donkey. Keep going with the bottles, the last thing you want is for her to be dehydrated or get constipated.

If I were you I would just have a cup laying around that she can access with water in, and maybe one day she'll surprise you.

Lovelilies Sat 08-Jul-17 07:41:25

My 12 m DD (DC3 so much more neglected relaxed)
Has BF usually at bedtime once or twice in the night, maybe during the day if she's not well/grumpy etc. Also has a bottle a couple of times a day and is rubbish with sippy cups.
I have found she can take water (or DS's juice) quite well from a cup/bottle with a straw. Maybe that's worth a try?

Bluebellsandsunflowers Sat 08-Jul-17 07:49:16

Thank you for your replies, they have definitely re assured me! I may give it a little while and try again. I also brush her teeth at bath time before the bottle, but I'll switch it to after the bottle now.

I hadn't considered trying a straw cup for dd's water, I'll pick one up and see what she thinks. I think I do need to leave the water within her reach more, to encourage her to try it - to be honest I think she just doesn't see the point on drinking water!

silkpyjamasallday Sat 08-Jul-17 08:42:36

I've found that DD doesn't really like the spouts on sippy cups so I got these

They allow for better flow of liquid and is more like drinking from a normal cup/glass and can't be tipped all over themselves like with a normal cup with a spout. Worth a try maybe? 10 month old dd will polish off the whole 250ml of water using these

Bluebellsandsunflowers Sat 08-Jul-17 10:15:09

silky ah I think I do have one of these at the back of the cupboard. I bought it when dd was about 6 months but I think she was a bit young for it/didn't understand it. Thanks for reminding me I had one though, as it may be worth another try now she's older.

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