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Aptamil formula problems

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jessicacasey1993 Tue 04-Jul-17 09:45:23

So I have a LG, shes 7 months old and has been on aptamil formula since day 1 (unable to breastfeed due to medication)
Recently she had been having diarrhoea after every bottle. And it's been EXPLOSIVE. Like full on poonami!!
So obviously we've been to the doctor (3 doctors actually) and they all mentioned lactose intolerance. So naturally we.switched to lactose free formula. But something didn't seem right. How can my LG just turn lactose free all of a sudden?
So I thought I'd try a different brand of milk. She's now on Cow and Gate and is absolutely explosions and no discomfort.
Basically my.question is, could aptamil have changed their formula slightly which could be giving my LG issues? Has anyone else had anything like this.
Thank you
From one very confused mommy

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dementedpixie Tue 04-Jul-17 20:52:54

You can get a temporary lactose intolerance after a stomach upset so it could be that having lactose free milk for a short time helped and that's why she was ok getting milk with lactose in again

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