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Help, worried about ff baby poo **warning photo included**

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Sittingintheshade Thu 22-Jun-17 04:49:56

Yesterday baby (16 weeks old) pooed 4 times, all relatively normal in texture. Usually he only goes once a day. He's just woken up and pooed again but it's a very odd texture
I changed him and he's gone back to sleep, usually wakes for a feed at 6ish. He is ff
Worried about!

Millionsmom Thu 22-Jun-17 05:01:27

Looks like a spot of diarrhea, but if my sons nappy looked like that I wouldn't be worried as such, just keep an extra eye on him - and his poops - to see if he develops a temp or becomes listless or his diarrhea is like a running tap or starts refusing his favourite foods. Then, depending on how ill I think he is, Id call the Dr or 111 for advice.

Have you given him any new foods the past couple of days? It could be a reaction to the heat too.

Sittingintheshade Thu 22-Jun-17 06:39:16

Thank you millions
He's had another episode at 6am but has just finished his bottle so seems normal although he was making some odd straining noises during it
I'll keep an eye on it but he's still solely on milk so no new food. We did meet up with a friend who's baby had had diarrhoea but as they didn't really come into contact I didn't think anything of it. He's not quite 4 months so he was just on my knee or in his pram

FartnissEverbeans Sat 24-Jun-17 20:19:32

Their poo colour/texture and frequency changes often, if DS is anything to go by. That poo looks familiar - more like a big wet fart than a poo!

I wouldn't worry unless it was accompanied by other symptoms. I think we sometimes put a bit too much emphasis on poo. DS went through a phase of pooing about five times a day but he was fine and it didn't last (cost a fortune in nappies though).

Of course if you're worried I'd get it checked out, and it would t be the first time I've headed off to the dr armed with colour photos of baby excrement grin

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