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Similac Formula available in London and Stockholm?

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hdnyc09 Tue 20-Jun-17 02:45:10

Hello - I will be traveling from the US to London and Stockholm. Do you know if you can buy Similac formula in either of these places? My daughter currently drinks Similac for Supplementation (green container), but Similac Advance would also be OK (blue container). I see on Boots' website that some stores carry Similac, but was unable to see exactly what is available and where. Thanks!

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MiddleClassProblem Tue 20-Jun-17 02:50:09 has it, although pricy but if you're willing to pay you could have it sent to where you are staying x

MiddleClassProblem Tue 20-Jun-17 02:51:07

Also you can order from boots to where you're staying or click and collect to a local store.

hdnyc09 Tue 20-Jun-17 10:43:19

Great thank you. . .sometimes the UK websites are funny if you try to order something with a US credit card, so was hoping to get it in person! But if this is my only option maybe I can just have a friend buy it online and pay them back. Good that it is on Amazon, hopefully with Prime shipping. Thanks!

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