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Not BF when will engorgement stop

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Newmum102 Sun 18-Jun-17 12:50:06

So after an emergency csection I tried to BF. It wasn't working out for me and after a few days I decided it was better to switch to FF for not only my own MH but also my new born. My boobs have started to engorge and for the past day or 2 have been quite sore. Has anyone got any tips/remedies on how to help ease them. Also how long should it be expected to last.

This isn't a thread on what's best, right or wrong. I'm just after some advice.


AssassinatedBeauty Sun 18-Jun-17 17:14:43

Keep an eye out for mastitis, so flu like symptoms and red marks on your breasts with areas of soreness. See your GP if you suspect it as it can get unpleasant quite quickly.

You could hand express a small amount just to relieve any really painful engorgement, and take lots of painkillers. It will take a little while for your system to work out that you don't need to keep producing milk, a few days I guess?

Newmum102 Sun 18-Jun-17 20:55:55

Thanks I will keep an eye out for mastitis. I'm seeing my midwife over the next few days so may ask her to have a quick look. I don't think I have any signs.

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