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NUK bottles and teat size

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BaffledMummy Wed 14-Jun-17 08:40:53

Hello...does anyone use NUK for newborn bottle feeding? I bought the 0-6 month pack but they seem really fast..the milk streams out of it in a big arc, far too fast for a newborn and way faster than the Dr Brown 3rd level teats I used for DC1. It says on the box you can get a slow flow teat suitable for water or breastmilk but cant seem to find them anywhere (not even on the NUK site or in Boots ).
Is it just that maybe I have a faulty batch? They are quite expensive so don't really want to buy any more. I would like to use the NUK bottles though as I used Cow & Gate starter packs and the teats supplied with those worked really well but are one use only I think?

BaffledMummy Thu 15-Jun-17 07:08:27

Ok in case this comes up in anyone's search, after a bit of digging around you can get nuk slow flow teats from superdrug...the 0-6 months are medium flow apparently (and I'd say compared to other brands I've tried over the years Including avent and Tommy tippee, they are fast!). A bit confusing as it seems the slow flow are not sold as standard. Have ordered a couple to see if they will work.

NameChange30 Wed 21-Jun-17 16:22:17

How did you get on with the Nuk teats? Did you use the slow flow ones in the end? And did you get silicone or latex?

BaffledMummy Wed 21-Jun-17 21:47:51

I got the silicone slow flow and they look much more manageable....DC2 not yet arrived...just getting prepared! I used Dr Browns for DC1 which worked great but my God....the washing of all the little bits! drove me to distraction! I had a NUK starter pack already but was unable to use them last time as flow was too fast so hoping they will be accepted this time around (washing bottles hopefully less arduous with less bits!). I know each baby is different but just wanted to have the option.

NameChange30 Thu 22-Jun-17 05:33:06

Thanks Baffled, hope you get on better with the slow flow Nuk teat this time around smile

BelleEsme Thu 22-Jun-17 07:27:00

I use these for my 6week old DS and I find the teats provided are absolutely fine.

BelleEsme Thu 22-Jun-17 07:33:03

Sorry posts that without finishing what I wanted to say!!

My DS is a big hungry boy though, 9lb at birth, he can't get his milk down quick enough!!

daisygirlmac Thu 22-Jun-17 07:37:06

I found the latex teats were much slower than the silicone ones. They gave NUK disposable latex teats in NICU so we carried on with them when we got home and changed to silicone when DS was about 6 weeks old as he was collapsing the latex teats when he sucked.

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